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The "Panama Papers"


The filth and hypocrisy of politicians. As i stated in another thread, I am just a trigger puller, but, I have worked enough major narcotics cases to follow a money trail. In fact, our greatest asset in finding ISIS members to kill, is to locate their money men. Since I only have experience in narcotic traffickers and terrorists, I cannot comment from experience on investigating politicians, but, I can comment on the filth and corruption of Iraq and Afghanistan. So, far nothing on current U. S. politicians, but, it still in the early stages. Taxpayers in countries named so far should be outraged at their “leaders” . Comments from those of you in the financial field would be welcome.

“A massive cache of leaked documents detail a shadowy network of banks and law firms that help many of the world’s most powerful people — politicians, criminals, athletes, magnates, celebrities — hide money in offshore accounts, according to an coalition of investigative reporters.
The 11.5 million documents, said to be obtained by cryptic means, is larger than the trove of documents that have been published by WikiLeaks, and their release threw several countries into turmoil. Among the dozen current and former world leaders named in the documents as controlling offshore companies were the prime ministers of Iceland and Pakistan, the king of Saudi Arabia, and the children of the president of Azerbaijan, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism, a nonprofit organization based in Washington that published the papers through more than 100 news organizations around the world on Sunday”
“The group said they had also tied the movement of $2 billion by associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who countered that he was the victim of a smear campaign. The documents also link shell companies to Xi Jinping, head of China’s ruling party, and to the late father of British Prime Minister David Cameron, both self-styled anti-corruption crusaders, the group said.
Some of the people and companies identified in the files are on United States blacklists for allegations of a variety of misdeeds, from consorting with terrorists, drug kingpins, or the rogue nations of Iran and North Korea, the journalists said”



The fallout from this should be interesting to say the least.


Actually, no. Only in countries with a strong democratic tradition such as Iceland, where people are taking to the streets to demand the prime minister’s resignation, and perhaps UK with the issue of Cameron’s late father.

Do you think that in China, Russia, Azerbaijan or Pakistan there will be any fallout?

Russians have already labeled Panama Papers as a manifestation of Western “Putinophobia”, China has blocked all search engine results for Panama Papers and it’s business as usual. One person demostrated in Moscow yesterday. One.

“Outrage” is a Western luxury. You can’t afford to be “outraged” in Russia or China, because you’d face consequences . Most people tacitly accept that their Glorious Leader siphons off public funds but to them it’s either “normal”, “insignificant” or a small price to pay for independence from the evil Americans (Venezuela) or their national greatness (Russia).


we probably see just a few Americans here because its a CIA bust, and most will go against ‘‘enemies’’ of US


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Documentary - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAaDOjyebLY