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The Palin/Biden Debate: 10/02/08


Let's discuss it here.

It's now a little over 1/2 hour away.



Let the games begin.

It’s gotta suck when your only direction is: “Don’t fuck up.”


I’m taping this. I’m not sure I want to sit through the pain. I might rather read Sherlock Holmes tonight.


The wife’s bringing me a double scotch as I type. I’m sure I’ll need it.


Palin is currently blaming unbridled capitalism and calling for increased regulation of markets.


Remember when the Republicans at least tried to sound conservative in their rhetoric?

No more.


We’re only on the 2nd question and I’ve decided to start doing heroin.


So far, I’d say she’s winning this one.


HOLY COW! This is a WAR!


Biden looks Chinese in head on shots


[quote]SteelyD wrote:
We’re only on the 2nd question and I’ve decided to start doing heroin.[/quote]



She is doing better than I thought, she isnt stumbling as much as she did in interviews.


Joe seems like he’s the one on heroin, keeps stammering. He’s challenged restraining himself.

She’s doing better than expected…so far.


He has to avoid attacking her and she’s baiting him by flaunting her record.


I’m sorry, but I can’t help fantasizing about her in a skimpy cheerleader outfit.

Good response about “Distribution of Wealth”.

Biden is reeking of class warfare. His definition of ‘fair’ is not mine.


She comes off so much like a hill billy.


She’s doin OK so far


[quote]Tiribulus wrote:
She’s doin OK so far[/quote]

Agreed, she is holding her ground thus far.


She’s not really answering the questions…


She better stop bringing up her record, its getting old fast.