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The Ozman Crieth

Watched the O family interview with Barbie last night. Since, over the last 10 years, the “spirit of the times” has slowly succumed to the suffocating coils of Political Correctness, I found Sharon and Ozzy’s unapologetic honesty to be so damn refreshing. I have to confess that when Ozzy broke down and sobbed, I had to choke back some tears.

I loved that show, never missed it, and for the longest itme, I couldn’t figure out why. Then I remembered, back in my school days, they used to take us into chapel every year, and tell us that rock music would make us devil worshipers. Their prime example was Ozzy. We would leave chapel with the vague feeling that Ozzy ate little children and summoned the devil at his concerts. Kind of funny to see him going through life as a slightly befuddled middle aged man trying to corral his teenaged children.

I missed it, but what the hell made Ozzy cry?

Ozzy fell apart when Barbra Wawah asked him what he would do if his wife would die. What kind of question is that? uhh what would you do if the most important thing in your life was suddenly and too damn early taken away? huh? Barbra is such a freakin tool.

Lemme guess? Baptist or Pentecostal Christian School.