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The 'Oz' series - a worthwhile DVD buy?

Living here in Australia we miss out on a lot of the shows you guys get unless you have access to a cable tv service - which I don’t. I have heard a few good things about this series ‘Oz’ that has been running for a while in the US. I was thinking of picking it up from Amazon, but it’s quite pricy (once the conversion to the next to worthless Aussie currency is made). So would you recommend it

I liked it. It can be at times pretty rough and violent. buy it on ebay.

Good God, I think Oz is one of the best shows out there. Now, some of the plots are a little contrived and after a few seasons you realize it’s a soap opera for men. But I absolutely love it. Don’t pay too much for it though - but a season should be worth the same as a movie.