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The Over 40 Diet

Wondering if some of the older lifters could post up their diet and supplements regimens.I find as I age (49) it gets tougher to stay dialed in.I currently Sup my work outs with Whey-Protein (pre) and Surge (Post)I have been thinking about addind some Alpha Male to the diet.Just wondering what some of you others are using and have had success with.

Check out “The Metabolism Advantage: An 8-Week Program to Rev Up Your Body’s Fat-Burning Machine—At Any Age” by T-Nation author Dr. John Berardi.

Runs about 16.00 bucks at Amazon.com etc. That Includes membership to a terrific online forum.


You can read some of his stuff here to get an idea of his principles. Also at http://www.johnberardi.com/index.htm

Another great book is Power Eating by Kleiner. Great information and I used it last meet and helped toward the best meet I have had in years.

I weigh between 250 and 260. I consume about 300 grams of protein a day, 150 grams cars and 100 grams of fats. Taking in about 4200 calories per day and my weight is manageable.
I take a multivitamin, 1000 IU of vitamin E, 6 grams of vitamin C, 6 fish oil caps gingko and saw palmetto. At 57 I train hard and feel great.

I am the master of separating egg whites.

For anyone who really wants to dial in their nutrition, “Nutrient Timing” by Ivy and Portman can’t be beat. I saw better results in my training and recovery right away.

I’m also a fan of John Berardi’s work and a member of Precision Nutrition.

As for supps, I take fish oil (18 grams a day), borage oil, ZMA, BCAA, DHEA, Saw Palmetto with Pygeum and a good multi-vitamin. I also take an enzyme supplement with meals as we all produce fewer enzymes as we age and they are necessary for proper nutrient absorption.

the previous posters have good reccommendations for the reading.
at 46, i eat about 7 times a day, 30 grams of protein each meal.I zig zag my caloric intake with my training. the days i train i eat high carbs and the days i don’t train i eat maybe 40 to 80 grams of carbs.

post workout shake is about 1000 cals.
i drink bcaa’s and l-glutamine with cytosport while i train
i take vitamin c with every meal and about a gram of magnesium total for the day and about 16 to 20 gram of fish oil, roughly 4 grams per meal but not with post workout drink.
i’m happy with my results.

Turning 46…

Diet depends on goals, right now I am reducing BF, so it’s under 100 G carbs, mostly PWO, 84 G of fat, mostly UDO’s oil and about 300 G of protein…whey and lean red meat w/ lots of greens thrown in. I am about 235 no idea on BF %, but I am a 36 waist.

My bulking days may be behind me, I tend to put on too much fat. But when I do, it more carbs in the form of oats, whole wheat, pasta,etc

OTC Supps…I am supp junkie

Alpha Male in between cycles
Green Super Foods in the AM shake
USP Cissus for joints,tendons,ligaments
NOW Adam Multi
HOT-ROX in between other fat loss agents
Aceytl Carnitine
R-ALA or Metformin

Also using 2ius of GH ED plus a Test,Tren,Mast blend that is just kick ass.

May be looking at TRT down the road…