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The Over 35 T-Men

I thought we should have a thread that immortalize’s the Over 35 T-Man on this forum. This forum has proven time and again to be the most supportive and positive forum on the site. That in it’s self reguires the strength of character of a T-Man.

There is however a lot more going on than just the respect shown for each other. There are those that step-up and stand out when the opportunity arises. This thread is as good a place as any to pay homage to those that deserve it. Stay strong & live long my Brother’s of Iron!

First should be to all. You guys are awesome to the tenth degree. The support I has recieved since arriving on this forum has been out standing. I can not express enough how appreciative I am for the inputs and support you all have shown me. I hope someday in someway I will be able to return in kind.

It is however not just me. I read the comments, the advise and the supportive posts that run rampade on this forum. A network of like minded brothers and sisters bonding over Iron. I feel stronger just knowing all of you.

Let our journeys continue and our friendships flourish. Together we are stronger than when we stand alone. To all of you my many thanks!

Right on

Some of the posts- are unbelievable on the other sites. It’s great to talk to mature individuals. No need to be condescending here-just supportive comments.

I dido all the above. Most of us here have no illusions of walking on a stage-just improving on what God has given us. Lets keep that positive, high energy flowing.

Nicely put streamline. There is a lot of positive support here.

Streamline, you are an eloquent cat. Well said.

What about us Over 60 T-Men! We’ve been lifting before many of you were born!

Agreed Streamline! All ya gotta do is drift into some of the other forums to be reminded why we stick around here. Oldtimer…you whippper snappers need us “young guys” to keep the parties under control. :wink: