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The Ouch! Thread


I saw this Clip today
and All I can say is OUCH!

So comment and Post more painful related mishaps I/we all want to see more :wink:


My god that's too messed up for words...

check this though :stuck_out_tongue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4XWxPtC3nk


That hamster backflip had me laughing for a good minute .. hahaha ... still makes me chuckle.


Hahaha I was about to say the same thing!


I saw the original video from that guy and he posted that he had no internal organs/broken bones just a massive bruise for like three weeks. Thats sick


Backflip video was Painful to watch! 90% of all them guys either brake there neck or whack their skull against the thing they were jumping off...lol

that Guy bench pressing only got a giant bruise for that, Glad to hear that, I thought all his rib cage was destroyed

--CHeck This Out - Painfully funny



OMG! Look at the Picture that pops up at 1:40 !


here's another good failed back flip faceplant


It makes me scared of training Muay Thai...


damn! that backflip face-plant was great lol

and that kick was not worth it :confused: