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Happy, then Pissed, then smirk, then laugh. And still not sure how I feel about this movie.

Are you kidding me? Samuel L. Jackson AND Will Ferrell? I can’t wait to see this.

Man I was actually cool with the first 10 seconds then was Ike awwww mannn

I honestly dont know how to feel about it. It seems both cool and lame at the same time.

I think they’re going to use too much Will Ferrell for laughs and not enough of the other guys. It looks alright though.

Will Farrell=FAIL.

[quote]Beast27195 wrote:
Will Farrell=FAIL.[/quote]

Definitely in the more recent stuff he’s done. But the older movies…Anchorman, Old School, etc, he was awesome.

That’s what is killing me. Will use to make me laugh. Rock use to be cool. But as of late they both fail. This will either be a great summer for flicks or suck azz.

No need to see it now, they showed the whole movie in the trailer!

I believe Anchorman is when I started hating on Ferrell. Too stupid. Basically a one-trick pony. I’ll go see this movie just to see if Wahlberg can be funny, but I imagine he’ll be drowned out by Ferrell overdoing things, as usual.

I bet the trailer will be the best part.

I’m kinda excited. These guys have all completely saturated their images. Samuel L. has been too awesome to be anything but awesome. Rock is also pretty awesome, just in that retarded way wrestling is still a decent form of entertainment. Will Ferrell I’ve disliked but goddamn he has stayin power and I figure I’m due to like him. Mark Wahlberg seems content to play second fiddle and did a nice job in The Departed.

I’d say it’ll be worth seeing. That or the same “Wow Hollywood really makes this real life stuff completely over the top, let’s make a cheap joke off it” again and again <see slowmo on desk scene, explosion scene>

although i hope it isn’t…

[quote]Beast27195 wrote:
Will Farrell=FAIL.[/quote]

No, I’m afraid it’s you that is fail.

Will Ferrell is fucking hilarious. True, Blades of Glory sucked, and Semi-Pro was just OK. But, Old School, Talladega Nights, Anchorman, and Step Brothers were all hilarious, and his cameos in other movies are great. Also, Eastbound and Down was retarded funny.

Since this is from the director of Talladega Nights and Step Brothers, that makes me think this will also be hilarious.

It looked damn funny to me.

Eva Mendes. Good enough reason.

[quote]ron22 wrote:
Michael Keaton. Good enough reason.[/quote]


[quote]formerfatboy wrote:

[quote]ron22 wrote:
Michael Keaton. Good enough reason.[/quote]


Dammit, you caught me. Haha

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
It looked damn funny to me.[/quote]


Samuel Jackson,The Ro…excuse me…Dwayne Johnson,Wahlberg,and Ferrell…??? Hell yeah it’s worth a look.