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The Other 22-23 Hours of the Day


This forum is great, and much is devoted to different routines/splits and diet, which are indeed easily the two most important part of making progress (besides, of course, teh creatinez).

I was hoping that I might hear from some of you about the other things you do during the day that you feel keep you progressing in the gym (or things that people do that might hold them back).

-For example, outside of any other forms of exercise, I try to spend at least two hours a day or so walking daily. I haven't been lifting long enough to test whether walking less and eating, say, 200 calories less would impact progress one way or the other. I feel like it wouldn't.

-I try to never go an hour straight sitting down if I can. Nothing too big a deal--just standing up real quick, maybe stretching the hamstrings before sitting back down.

-I stretch before bed for five minutes or so.

Anyway, I just thought it might be interesting to hear some of the small things you guys do outside of the gym to keep on top of your games.


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I try to reduce stress.

Often-times, how you view your situation makes a huge difference. Like at work, if you've got many tasks with short deadlines, and have less help to do them, you just have to keep things in perspective and force yourself not to let it get to you.

Also, having more "me time". Treating yourself to things that you enjoy, instead of trying to meet other people's expectations all the time. Or not feeling guilty just because you've taken time out.

^ Doing all that is what I view as preparing myself for the future (especially mentally/well-being). My dad was proper affected by stress, and I've seen how adversely it effects everyone else I see both physically and emotionally.


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I stay in the gym 24 hours a day, that way I don't lose the "hardcore" mindframe.


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Personal training, and writing/playing awesome heavy metal in either of my two bands. Also taking care of my almost dead pops. I make the positives to balance out the negatives.


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