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The Order Is Made


Made my first online order of:
100 clen 20mcg
EQ 20ml 300mg

Can not wait to get it in.
Wish me luck


did you get it if so, from where, and what gains youget.


Beware of pharmaeurope if that's where you ordered from. I've known some people who have been having some problems with receiving orders lately.



That's a tiny little order and I'm sure you arent' the big fish the FEDS are looking for. Still I wouldn't announce that type of shit anywhere. Hope all goes well, don't take it as a slam just food for thought.


Do I really need to point out the foolishness if not the down right stupidty of blatantly making an annoucement of this type?


Knucklehead! Why would you start a thread to announce to a large unknown audience that you just broke a federal law?


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I would not be concerned about the threads that questioned why you made the "announcement".....my question is why would you use this cycle? What are you looking for?



Sorry bro, but what a boneheaded post. Have you ever taken gear before? Did you spend at least 5 mins doing any kind of research first? Ahhhhhh!


Well to try and take the guys back, maybe he already has some other stuff on hand.


I'm not computer saavy but is there anyway some agency could figure out who and where the original poster lives? If NASA put a man on the moon I think the DEA can put this guy behind bars. Any possible way???


You really need to ask that. If they can pop you without putting a post up like this and going through all the effort of keeping things private, then what do you think. Hence my original post, but we all know that. BTW, chances are it won't happen and this guy's order isn't even a flake on the tip of the iceburg so most likely nobody gives a shit, then again you wouldnt' have to really think about this at all, and this whole little chat wouldn't even have taken place if he didn't decide to announce it. Learn from this boys and girls. BTW I've seen guys do this and much more retarded shit before ie. "HEY GUYS! Here's my stash lets see yours" THen they post a picture with their kitchen table top covered in various shit. I dunno, I just wouldn't do that. That's all.


I guess it all matters where you are from. In the states maybe the DEA is pretty hardcore. I'm Canadian and I'd have no fear or posting that I ordered steroids on the web, even if I was busted for possesion (which I wouldn't be) I'd get a slap on the wrist or a small fine.

I think our police have more important things to do than worry about body builders ordering small amounts of hormones for personal use.


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I'm moving.


So that's why the cops in the UK don't need guns...


I've never had any problems with pharmaeurope. In fact when I ordered HCG from them and it went missing they kindly sent the order again. I thought that was pretty good customer service. The only thing is the high cost, but I find that with all online suppliers.