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The One Song


You have just worked the longest day of your life, and you're freakin exhausted. But, not being a little bitch, you are not skipping your workout.

What is the one song you are going to blast before you go in the gym. The one that can completely change your mood. The one that could make you kick your best friends teeth.
Your ultimate motivational song.

Me: Cowboys From Hell-Pantera


Haha, I would play "Fucking Hostile" or "Mouth of War"


[Insert complaint about # of music threads]

Mind's Eye - Wolfmother


Enemy - Sevendust


More evidence of the great taste here in T-Nation. For my motivation I have to go with "Strength Beyond Strength," which edges out "Mouth for War" by the narrowest of margins.


Dream Theater--The Glass Prison


Slave Labor-Fear Factory


Slip in any Helmet CD...Crank...Enjoy.


As I Lay Dying - "The Beginning"



Geto Boys - Still
Faith No More - Surprise! You're Dead
Disturbed - Prayer
Beatles - Helter Skelter

Of course, LOUD, if I can get away with it.

Though, sometimes it's better not to train when one feels like that. I owe at least one injury to training after a stressful day.

They say our capacity for stress is like a bathtub, with many faucets flowing in but only one drain. If all the faucets are going at once, and we don't bother to turn any of them down, the bathtub will overflow with disasterous results.


despised icon - retina, so fuckin' pissed off and heavy.


As I Lay Dying: "Meaning in Tragedy"


That Pantera CD is what I usually play when driving to the gym. Highway to Hell by AC/DC is an alternative for me.



guns n roses


Good choice. I also like Public Enemy/Anthrax - Bring the Noise.


Lots of As I Lay Dying fans.

I like their song Empty Hearts for getting amped


Celine Dion-Titanic Theme


Excellent choice


The theme song from "Gladiator"