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The One Song You Hate Most

For me, I really really really really really hate “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas.

Everything I hate must compared to my hatred of the song “Smooth”. With the song itself being 1.0 SU (Smooth Units)

So that actress Maggie Gyllenhaal would rate 0.999999999998 SU as I really hate her too.
Coconut flavor (not the smell, I love the smell) gets a 0.85 because I hate it but not insanely so.
Whiskey gets a 0.000000000001 ( the one at the end is how mush I hate when I don’t have good whiskey in the house…not whiskey’s fault per se)

[quote]Nards wrote:
For me, I really really really really really hate “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas.

God, I hate that song as well. I can’t stand Rob Thomas anyway.

For me, that oh-so-sucky song by Gwen Stefani (I have no idea its title), but it makes my skin crawl whenever I happen to hear it… and worse, when it comes on at the gym while I’m squatting, I can feel ALL my testosterone disappear in that moment (until I recently bought an iPod).

Pissed I had to hear 3 seconds of this song to copy the URL. This abortion used to get played 2-3 times in one session at my college gym. At the time I didn’t own headphones, obviously pre ipod, so I had to hear it every time it played.

Anything by U2

Boulevard of broken dreams - Green Day <<< Really grates on me…total dirge.
Holla back girl - Gwen Stefani.
Here there Delilah - Some egregious little twatface!
21 seconds - So solid crew.

^Can’t quite decide which of these I dislike the most^

Burn them all.

I had to go gouge out my ears with a rusty spatula after posting.

anything by Rush. Geddy Lee’s voice makes me want to cut my head off and jam it down a garbage disposal.

Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas
Imma Be - Black Eyed Peas

I hate them even more because they’re possibly the biggest band in the world at the time of putting out these songs. But that’s not the reason I hate the songs, I hate them because each one is absolutely terrible. I remember one song would come out, and I’d think ‘wow, this is the worst song I’ve ever heard… well at least they can’t do any worse…’ and then they kept doing worse!


Actually, no…Erasure’s cover of Solsbury Hill is probably the biggest musical travesty I’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing. Twas awful!!

Here’s an infamous one:


For some reason, Evanescence has always reminded me of an emonized and teenagified version of Epica.

Oh, and so to spark up some controversy:

With all due respect, Cannibal Corpse can’t even touch Nile, Bloodbath or Hypocrisy.


Anything from the beastie boys that isn’t their instrumental “jam band” shit.

Anythign where they “rap” is horrid.

I hate white people for keeping them on the radio

FUCKING JOURNEY DON’T STOP BELIEVING! FUCK THAT FUCKING SONG! It’s the absolute worst when a bunch of bitches get drunk and play it 5 times in the last hour or two until closing time and they sing it loud as fuck. I don’t play my music much at bars but that is a sure way to get me to play next a bunch of pantera or meshuggah. In fact that is gonna be a pre-req for me and future women…Do you like Journey…I LOVE JOURNEY…well kick rocks bitch!

Breakfast at Tiffanys (shudder)

I have a headache even thinkin about this audible turd.

Fuck it’ my brain is now awash with this bollox, thanks man…

I know this ^ isnt a song but I HATE THIS FUCKER and ALL his music

A face that you reeeally want to hammer fist and music that burns the ears like a bad dose of cystitis

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT FRIDAY SHIT!? I NEVER listen to the radio so I aint hip to what’s going on with it! That bitch sounds like someone is throwing a bag of cats against the wall…Man that’s terrible

[quote]Lakkhamu wrote:
Here’s an infamous one:



Here you go man, this might help you laugh on that one the next time you hear it:

[quote]DBCooper wrote:
anything by Rush. Geddy Lee’s voice makes me want to cut my head off and jam it down a garbage disposal.[/quote]


Every Breath You Take - The Police

Thanks Sting for ruining a good thing and fuck that creepy ass song…