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Here's a link to the organization running the Live 8 Series of concerts today.

It's Bipartisan and a good idea. I don't know if it works but I am sure it doesn't hurt the poor in Africa.

Seem like good folks. Send them some cash if you can spare it.



How much money do you think it would take to "fix" Africa? If we could write a check for $100 trillion, do you think the hunger, corruption and human rights abuses would end on the continent?

I'm just curious as to how much money people think it would take to make a real difference.


The corruption and theft is the real killer.

Probably more moeny then we could ever give. Who knows?


I'm involved with international shipping...which includes containers going to around the world, including Africa.

The corruption of the various governments in Africa belies description. These governments would love more monetary assistance, which would give those leaders more funds to pilfer. There?s also a demand being made by certain groups to rescind all debts owed by these countries.

It's not that they don't have the funds...and granted they may not have huge lines of capital. However, it's in pocket linings that no one can see.


No doubt. I don't have the answer. Don't know if anyone does.

I guess my perspective is these folks are doing more then I right now so I signed up and will send them a few bucks. $100 doesn't mean that much to me because I am lucky. If it saves 50 people from starving for a day or a week I guess it's money well spent. I hope it's not pissed away but I've spent moeny on less worthwhile causes and more meaningless things.

Guess it's just good karma...and the music not's too bad. Too bad Freddie Mercury passed. Nobody beat his performance at Live Aid yet!!!