The One-Day Arm Cure

Rich gained several inches on his arms in just minutes. All he had to do was fly to Mexico, and get injected with some sort of polymer infused oil (I guess this is the new site enhancement stuff, that is like 90% permanent).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rich had over a liter of the stuff in his forearms, biceps, triceps, and delts. I’ve seen on a different forum a guy that did 400 mL per arm (split between bicep, tricep and forearm). His arms didn’t actually look that bad, but he wasn’t that lean. I suspect they would look not great if he was really lean.


I would so “want” to if other members agreed to the challenge. My problem is I couldn’t spend and entire day between gym and food. “Hey baby, you watch the kids while I screw around at the gym all day”. I can just picture the face I would get.


Perhaps we can figure a way to make this home friendly with bands and a barbell?



I’m so in to try this… Fuggg


Sorry if I’m missing something, but what do you do with the extra time between Program A and B? Considering the tempo and resting, that’s about 7-8 minutes, unless my math is wrong. So what do you do for the 20 or so minutes remaining between programs?

You watch Conan the Barbarian

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