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The Old Centurion?


I'm pretty broke right now and I need a new suit. I plan on eventually moving up to 220-242 so I don't want to drop the 150$ on the super nxg+. Is the old centurion the best suit in the sub 80$ range?


Be honest with yourself. How long is it going to be until you move up to 220-242? If I remember correctly, arent you squatting like mid 3's currently? You have a long ways to go before you are competitive in your current weight class, let alone heavier ones. I would go ahead and spend the money on something decent and plan on getting stronger at your current bodyweight. Thats just me though.


I'm not 100% certain but that suit may have been discontinued. I think they only make NXG super+ now. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

I think if you are starting out in PL that suit might not be the way to go. I have trouble getting depth with 550+ in the centurian and it isn't especially tight. Personally though I've become really frustrated with this suit so you are getting a pretty biased opinion.

If you want to get a suit you might look into the titan superior- same material as a centurian, but lighter- goes about $60. The Inzer champion suit and z-suit also are easy to learn and economical at 40-50$.


I didn't realize that there was such a thing as a good suit that costs under $100.


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Keep your eyes open on ebay. There are soem good deals there- even on new shit. I bought a brand new Titan Boss suit there a couple years ago for $110. It was still in the bag. At the time, I think Boss from Titan or one of the dealers cost about $275


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