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The Oil Scam Driving Crude Over $80


"War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself."



Capitalism's a bitch, isn't it? If the process is illegal, turn 'em and get a reward. If its legal, then that's life.

I'd rather pay an oil company for something like that than have a Politburo any day.


I hear ya HH.

We will never have a Politburo unless the Fed wants one.

The price of oil is supply and demand but the recent 50 basis point cut for the banks and hedge funds that are in over their heads is more than I can take.


Oil scam? Really?



Interesting, but there's a big jump from saying that there are traders who are trying to drive up the price of oil -- pretty typical behavior from investors in the commodity -- to saying there has been collusion in the market. Then another huge jump to saying if there was collusion, it's Exxon's fault.

I'm not an expert on commodities future markets by any means, but don't a lot of funds and traders play in those markets who don't actually want the commodities to be delivered? If anything, my guess would be that it's some of the hedge funds who are engaging in some of these rolling trades.