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The Official WWE Thread


I looked through the search and couldn't find one. Any fans on the forum?


Yeah lol Love watching this shit.
Favorite is Randy Orton


Not since I was like 13-14.

I grew up a huge Hogan fan, once he went to WCW I lost interest.

Too much drama these days, one big soap opera. WM V-VIII were the best years


I loved it when I was 14.

Then I got tired of the very crappy acting..


Grew up watching it, I've got some family and friend ties to it so even though I kind of grew out of it, I still will watch a bit if Im flipping through and its on.


Orton's a great heel, so easy to hate. Yeah I'm with all of you guys I grew up watching it too around the attitude era (1999-2001) and then once the whole wcw invasion storyline happened i lost interest, but a friend of mine had a wrestlemania party this year and that got me interested again. It sure isn't as good as the attitude era but it's getting better than it has been. Anyone watch RAW last monday? What do you think about the trump storyline?


Totally fucking agree, I watched it throughout middle school and High school when it was WWF. I actually went to some live events: Smack Down, Raw and even a Summer Slam... Not just the acting, but most of the new wrestlers just plain suck.


Wrestling is like sooooo gay.


Still watching. Edge FTW. Orton also. Batista should go back to wearing suits all the time.


ties to wrestlers?


When they lost Stone Cold, Mankind, the Rock and others it went downhill. My buddy bought a 4 DVD set of the Best of Raw, and, by watching those, you can see the decline as the stars of The Attitude Era dropped off the roster.


I'm a fan. In fact, I used to be a performer for a few years. Just indie shows, nothing on television. Great times got to meet and train with some of the names.


Says the guys with a half naked man as his avatar.


Hang around for a while longer, maybe you'll get why that was supposed to be funny.

And yes, I've got quite a few weird little connections to the WWE. My dad went to high school and played football with Jim Hellwig, better known as the Ultimate Warrior. Jack Doan, who has been a ref with the WWE for almost 20 years, was my middle school football coach, he would take the fall off for a few weeks, his nephew was in my class, played football with him from 6th grade all the way through high school.

And my best friend from high school became best friends with Road Warrior Animals son while they were going to Ohio State, so whenever the WWE comes to our corner of Ohio he gets front row/backstage tickets, invited to after parties.

Weird how it seems like its followed me around my entire life.


he's a wrestler :facepalm:


What was your father's impression of the guy? I've heard that the Ultimate Warrior had some anger issues and a bad attitude backstage, dunno if that goes back to his youth or if he developed it after wrestling.


From the stories i've heard, he was a quiet guy, was actually kind of weak/sickly until he became a gym rat. I always get a kick out of the fact that supposedly my dad helped him get going in the weight room, and apparently within a couple months he was the biggest dude in the school.