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The Official Stretch Mark Thread


Show off your battle scars!


went from 185 to 226 in the past 13 months




go to 0:40. stretch marks on the lats.. insane..


A fully relaxed taken a long while back. The ones running down my biceps faded a bit, i dont have a shot of my lat marks, and i dont have a great angle here, but you see a bulk of my chest marks (some of it runs up my armpit). Ive said it before in threads, but the chest marks are over 8inches long/1 inch thick.


Mine arent worthy of pictures. Ive only got them on one side of my chest.



i am thankful for my skin genetics i guess


Failed! I have none.


I'm assuming the ones on my hips from puberty don't count.


You got some narly Chest marks there fuck


How about skid marks? I got skid marks.


track marks from teh roidz count?


Pics or it didn't happen...


Arabs represent....


Arabs represent...


bio-oil is supposed to help fade stretch marks...

it gets a lot of positive reviews, so i assume it works...


Ive tried bio oil, and several others like it. I find the only thing that helps stretchmarks is time.


Yessir. It connects into my armpit and spiderwebs down my lats/down my biceps. Biceps are much more faded now tho, so eh.


i hate stretch marks, they look like shit


stretch marks are a fufilling reward