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The Official Good Day Thread


So we have an overabundance of threads where people bitch about anything and everything that's happening in life, but no place to celebrate the good stuff.

Yesterday, I went to the gym. It was deadlift day on my 5/3/1 workout, and when I go up to the power rack, there's someone in it (a relatively rare occurrence). The guy is pretty well jacked, and is blasting out 135# deads like he's gonna get laid if he does 100. Obviously, he's just started warming up.

There's only 1 rack, and not enough room to just dead somewhere on the floor. He starts adding 25's on each side, notices me and asks if I need the rack. Wanting to be polite, I asked how many sets he had, and that I'd just wait. He comes back and says that he'll just move around his workout order, and the rack is all mine so long as I'm not going to take 30 minutes.

He then proceeded to squat past parallel in the other rack (not even sure what to call it, it's like an open power rack with 4 bars, but no overhead connections, but it has bars across the bottom, so no deadlifting), and it was nice to see some friendliness in the gym rather than douchebaggery.

After that, I took a shower and went grocery shopping because I wanted to make up a shit-ton of pulled pork for the next week. The "10 for $10" racks at the front of the store usually have shit in them, but yesterday they had Campbells Select Harvest soups and Healthy Choice soups. The big, microwave things that usually go for $3 a piece, marked down to $1.

Checked the dates, and they're good until the end of september and make PERFECT meals if I have to run to class at only 200-ish calories each. Heat up one of those, grab a 1-scoop MD shake, and I'm good to go. Needless to say, I stocked up on 30 of those things, and I have between-meal snacks of almost perfect portions with no cooking or preparation.

Keep it going, what's good in your lives?


i got that you took a shower, meet a nice guy, pulled some pork, and you have nice cans.


Geez... Sounds pretty gay when you put it like that...


Never deadlift IN the rack. You gotta deadlift next to the 1lb - 20lb section of free weights, man. That's where all the hotties are! Set up shop RIGHT in front of the mirror and put on a big production with chalk and lots of grunting and heavy breathing. Slam out some sets (don't use 25s, only move up plates) and then listen for the soft whisper of panties/thongs/spandex dropping ever-so-softly to the floor.


Well my girlfriend was in town last week.

So I woke up, had sex. Fasted morning cardio, had sex. Went to the gym, had sex. Cooked some ground beef, had sex. Went out to dinner, had sex. Watched Sin City and had sex. Then went to bed.

Sounds like a pretty OK day to me. I can't wait to go back to school.


I'm going to Ruth's Chris for dinner tonight


I woke up to a beautiful wife and great kids.

Good job Samdan, nice change of pace from all the bitching.


I have been married to the love of my life for one week today :slightly_smiling:


In the interest of being less of a tool...

Gorgeous weather here in Indiana so I rode my bike to work. Something about being on a motorcycle under the clear blue sky makes a ton of stress disappear.

Inglorious Basterds comes out tonight, too. Excited to see it.


I agree with 100% of your post.


Inglorious Basterds tonight.
District 9 tomorrow night.

I've gone up in my max quite a bit on the bench from 260 to 300.
I started clean and pressing, for the first time ever and impressed myself with a 155lbs first time.

Red Dead Redemption comes out soon and i'm wicked psyched for that.

Trick r' Treat finally got a DVD release date! After like three years of waiting.

Got my new headlight in yesterday! Finally get to fix my car after hitting that deer.


Most of you know this man,HolyMacaroni. We know he is a pretty big boy, likes to joke around and have MMF's, but no MFF ( that'd be gay ). He likes to make tales about doing funny shit, IE setting off the lunk alarm and making a video about it ( when the fuck is this happening?) we also know THAT YOUR IN THE FUCKING ARMY. SO STOP BRAGGING.FUCK.



in the spirit of not being a total doushe (thanks rev) and putting this thread back on track.

it's friday, i've got a hot date for tomorrow night, uncle sam just dropped a fat check in my bank, and i just ate a 10 egg and 2 bagel lunch.


Waves are going to building all weekend. . . .


Every day is a good day. Live in the moment.



Got my tickets confirmed today for the Oct 25th, Lamb Of God, Gwar, show at the JLC in my home town. Second row, centre. Perfect seats. Going with my sixteen year old son. Which is another thing to be positive about. The only thing I did with my Dad at that age was argue.



this gay shit really needs to stop.


A good day is any day you're still alive.

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Saw Inglorious Basterds Wednesday, got two new pairs of jeans yesterday and had a nice lunch date today:)
Tomorrow I will be lounging in the sun until it comes time to be surrounded by friends, burgers, drinks and beer pong!!!!