The Official Form Check Thread

So there are threads scattered all over this site about form. I think there has been about eight dead lift form check threads created in the last month.

So I thought I would give this thread a shot. Everyone with form questions, post them here. After a while it could be a very helpful thread. People can compare videos to each other, read feed back that has been posted in one compact area and stop there from being five form thread topics cluttering the page.

I’ll start it out with my horrible dead lift form video. Rounded back, heels off the ground. This was a new PR. Any advice other than “lower the weight” I understand that form tends to break down when you get closer to and at your 1rm. I want to be able to hold my form together as often as possible.

Thanks for the contributions, hopefully this thread will help everyone out.

Here is 455x1 dead lift.

Great idea. But maybe there should be an “Official Deadlift Form Check Thread”, and one for Squats, OHP, etc.

Also, this is going to need to be bumped regularly.

honestly, these “Check my… form” threads all over every forums… bodybuilding, beginners, and powerlifting. I think the best thing to do is just create a whole new sub-forum dedicated just for people who wish to have their form looked over.