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The Official Dip Thread


I remember there being a dip thread a couple months ago but it kinda died out so I am starting another thread in honor of one of my favorite past times.

I personally am partial to good ole Cope Straight Long Cut but I will occasionally switch to Skoal Peach to get a little more flavor in my lip.

What do yall chew?



Nasty fucking habit


Calling CubanMeat32...


Agreed. But it's the best nasty habit I've ever picked up in my life


Kodiak Wintergreen.

I would also like to mention that dip started giving me really fucked up headaches way back when in February, so I started smoking instead.

As such, I really hate anyone who can still dip.

Because it's better.

That is all.


This is my favorite kind of dip-

Am I doing it right?


Copenhagen long cut kicks ass.

I'm also fond of Copenhagen Wintergreen.

I'm really anxious to try the new Copenhagen Black.


Skoal Mint Pouches

I don't want shit in my teeth when I'm headed to class.


I used to be a huge fan of the wintergreen flavors but I threw a wedge in on time while I was sick and haven't been able to go back since. I still miss it but absolutely cannot stand the taste anymore.

I'm genuinely sorry about your loss Vicomte. I hereby delegate tomorrows first pinch in honor of you


Copenhagen. Long cut or straight doesn't matter as long as it's not flavored. I like the taste of tobacco. Beachnut and Redman aren't a bad mix either. Gotta love the leaf tobacco. Chris Ledoux has 3 different songs about chewin. God rest his soul.


'ppreciate that, brother. It got to the point where I'd pack a lip and could literally feel the nicotine creeping through the arteries in my head. Really fucking weird.

I remember the time I dipped Cope whiskey all day, then ate some pizza and fell asleep. Naturally, I woke up some time later feeling somewhat dehydrated, from all the salt, and I instinctively grabbed the closest glass and chugged.

It was my spit cup.

No cope whiskey blend ever since. Still makes me want to vomit.


New? You mean the best Copenhagen they ever had that they stopped putting out in the market four or five years ago?


That's why you swallow.


I came here ready to make joke about Bleu Cheese Dip (if the thread were about doing dips for your chest) or a joke about the exercise if the thread were about dips for your food.
I was unprepared for a thread about tobacco.

I always wanted to try it, but quit smoking 8 years ago so feel that it's just too dangerous for me to go near anything like this.


Buncha idiots.

It won't be so damned cool when your lower jaw rots off from oral cancer.

Darwinism in progress.


Fuck you doogie.


Yes, they're bringing it back.


I once dated a guy that used the Skoal Green Apple pouches...I remember them smelling really good. I'm not really a fan of tobacco products in general, but the pouches are better than the regular dip, and DEFINITELY better than cigarettes, from a second hand point of view at least, lol.

Regardless, guacamole is the best dip!


Shit should be illegal for being disgusting.