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The Off Season Life - Lets Just Get Strong!


SSB Squat
120kg 3x7

80kg 4x7

BW + 8kg x7, 7, 7, 6, 4

BW 4x8

Breaking myself in easy!

SSB will be my main Squat movement for a while along with some High Bar, as I feel those have the best carry over to my competition Squat.

Bench work will all be Touch n Go, with the second day being Close Grip. I’ll be doing a lot of upper back work aswell, to try and pack on some muscle during the off season.

Deadlifts will be done Sumo and Snatch Grip for a bit of variation, see if they carry over and build up my weak points.

Calories have been upped to around 4k per day, with the following macro break down:
Pro - 271
Carb - 477
Fat - 102
I’ll re-assess this every couple of weeks and adjust as needed, I want to gain some weight but it needs to be good weight, I’m not going to gain just for the sake of it.

Next planned comp is the Andy Bolton Deadlift Challenge in October if I can manage to get a place, just a bit of fun, and something to work towards… mainly to see if I can fix my shitty Deadlift! :joy:

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Bodyweight is 89.8 on waking.

Will be documenting bodyweight for a while, so I can track it easier!

Weight is holding steady after a week on 4k cals per day, will have to increase again if its the same over the next week.

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Small update, the next 2-3 weeks Bench work will all be DB focused, I’ve been advised not to use a BB for a while.

Had a bad nights sleep due to a painful left shoulder, every time I laid on it I woke up. Had a few issues at work today and noticed a ‘lump’ on the top of my shoulder. Went to the hospital to get it checked out, had some X-rays done and it turns out I’ve got a Grade 1 seperated AC joint.

I’ve been told I can train aslong as it causes no pain. No great loss, DBs will do the same job as a BB for now as I’m doing a big Hypertrophy phase anyway

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Ouch. Sounds painful. At least you can still lift. I’ve been smashing DB’s for a little while now, I now prefer them to BB, they feel much more natural.

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Actually its not that bad depending on what I’m doing. I just can’t lay on my left side at all, and doing things overhead causes an issue but thats about it.

No idea about training though as I’ve not trained yet while it’s been hurting, but I’m hoping that for the most part I should be ok

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Body weight 90.2 on waking


130kg 3x7

Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift
130kg 3x7

DB Rows
40kg 4x8

Hamstring Curls
45kg 4x8

Hip Thrusts
100kg 4x10

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Body weight 90.2 on waking

FML stupidly light Sumo pulls yesterday and today my knees feel like ass! Do they do just Squat / Bench meets? :sweat_smile:

Body weight 91.4 on waking. Had take out food last night so that’ll be why


Flat DB Press
46kg 4x7

Seated DB OHP
30kg 3x8

BW +8kg x7, 7, 7, 7, 5

Cable Flys
27.5kg 4x12

DB Rollovers ss Hammer Curls
14kg 4x12

Face Pulls
50kg 5x12

Everything feeling good today. Had to do Shoulder Press with a neutral grip to save my shoulder from any grief. Also changed my Face Pull technique and I felt them a lot more with lighter weight, my mid back was burning by the end.

My knees do the same with sumo. The only fix I found was wearing briefs or very rarely pulling sumo.

Yea I cant pull Sumo often, which makes it hard to work on it from a technical point of view, I just cant deal with my knees aching for days after

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Body weight 90.6 on waking


SSB Squat
150kg 3x7

High Bar Tempo Squat
145kg 3x4

Deficit Stiff Legged Deadlift
140kg 3x8

High Pull
40kg 4x8

Purple Band 5x8

Starting fairly light in my volume phase, its going to run for a while so I wanted to leave myself some room to progress.

Deficit SLDL were a little hard on my lower back, will be doing them without the deficit in future.

Body weight 90.8 on waking

Body weight 90.0 on waking


Flat DB Press
48kg 3x7

Standing DB OHP
24kg 3x8

DB Flys
26kg 3x10

BW + 8kg 5x7

OH DB Ext ss DB Curls
40kg 4x10 / 14kg 4x10

Straight Arm Pulldowns
50kg 4x10

External Rotations
9kg 3x10

Benchless Bench session :joy: I’m actually enjoying the change of pace with DBs.

Standing DB Press is hard, wow! Underestimated that for sure

Body weight 90.3 on waking

Body weight 90.3 on waking