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The Off Season Life - Lets Just Get Strong!


Hey guys, I’m back!!

Old log is here: My road to 1500

I figured I’d start a new log rather than necro my old one seeing as it’s been around a year since I last posted.

Since my Injury at the start of 2018, I took a good amount of time out of Powerlifting to rehab / recover, and get in better shape. I dropped around 10kg bodyweight from just under 100kg and I currently sit around 88-90kg empty.

I’ll be starting a 6 week peak for a meet next Wednesday when I’m home from holiday, and hoping to qualify for the British finals in May at the Bodypower Expo.

I’ve not peaked for a long time, and never at this weight so although I’ve got some numbers in mind for what i’d like, realistically I have no idea where I’ll be come meet day, so I’m excited to see where I end up!

My IG is here for anybody interested: https://www.instagram.com/andy_p_pl/



Training this week is going to be a bit of a mish mash as I’m only training half a week.

Squat with Wraps:
250kg x3 (PB)
240kg x3
235kg 2x3

Comp Bench:
127.5kg 5x1

Single Leg Press:
90kg 4x6

Inc DB Bench:
45kg 4x5

Sitting at 91kg after Christmas / New Year and way too much food! Felt pretty sluggish today, but I’ve had 10 days out so things should pick back up when I settle back into things!


Good to see you back here

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Thanks man! When I get time I’ll be playing catch up with your log! :+1:



Comp Bench
140kg x1, 125kg 5x3

DB Floor Press
42kg 4x10

BW + 40kg x6, 6, 6, 5

Tricep Extensions
57kg 3x10

Benching two days on the bounce is hard work, was still sore from yesterday but I’ve squeezing a full weeks worth of training into 3 sessions so I knew this week would be hard work! Back to normal next week.

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225kg 6x2

Comp Bench
127.5kg 5x1

Paused Squat
185kg 4x2

Chest Supp T Bar Row
60kg x8, 8, 6

WG Cable Row
57kg 3x8

All I can say is, this week has been hard work!! I’m sore as hell, hopefully that will have faded ready to get back to normality on Monday!

Bodyweight sitting at 90.4kg empty, possibly another couple of lbs of holiday weight to come off, but we’ll see!

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Comp Bench
142.5kg x1
127.5kg 2x3
125kg 3x3

DB Floor Press
44kg 3x10

BW + 40kg 5x5

Not sure whats going on with my Bench lately, since I’ve come back off holiday my line seems to be all over the place, I just can’t find my groove!

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252.5kg x3, 247.5kg x3, 245kg x3, 220kg x3

205kg 8x1

Inc DB Bench
45kg 5x4

Squats were disgusting today, intensity is a bit too high on the back off sets, spoke to my coach and hes fine with lowering it… thank god! :joy:

Got a friend coaching me and he just said he wanted to push me, I guess it was a bit too much.

Bar rolled on my 2nd rep at 252.5kg, made the set harder than it needed to be, I’m happy with how the first rep moved though!

Bodyweight 90.2kg this morning.

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Comp Bench
125kg 4x4

Slingshot (Blue)
140kg x5, 135kg 2x5

Hammer Curls
20kg 3x10

BW 3x8

Elbows causing me issues today, hopefully better for tomorrow! Bench still feels quite bad but I’m still chugging along! Don’t think I was ever meant to be good at it!



240kg x1, 225kg 6x2

Paused Squat
160kg x2, 170kg x2, 180kg x2

Comp Bench
120kg 5x1

Feeling pretty fatigued today, especially on the Deadlifts! Wrapped Squats on Tuesday realy took a lot out of me.

Bench didn’t feel too bad, just my elbows nagging as always, they just don’t seem to ease off… can’t afford to take my foot off the gas at the moment though, 4 weeks tomorrow until I get back on the platform!



Comp Bench
145kg x1, 130kg 6x2

DB Floor Press
44kg 3x8

BW +50kg 3x3, BW +40kg 3x3

Rope Tricep Ext
50kg 3x8

Finally got a good Bench session in!! Elbows are still complaining but not as much as last week, not sure if the Sleeves helped but they got thrown on anyway!

Happy with how 145kg moved, thats only 5kg under my best gym lift, and 2.5kg above my best comp lift! Winner winner!!



255kg x3

Belt Squat
120kg 5x3

210kg 8x1

Finally found my 3RM on Wrapped Squats… That set was damned hard! But even so, my 1RM just became my 3RM!

Elbow Tendonitis has been awful this past week, and tonight I had to call Squats after my top set and do back off work on the Belt Squat, just lifting a plate to load the machine was painful.

3.5 weeks to go, so just got to keep pushing on as best as I can.


Bodyweight at 89.1kg on waking this morning. I added 200 cals per day last saturday and I’m still seeing a downward trend, so I guess I’ll add another 150-200 cals again this weekend and see where that leaves me.

Current breakdown as of right now for anybody interested:

Cals: 3735
Protein: 265
Carbs: 422
Fats: 106

Will get a picture up tonight / tomorrow, when I get chance showing where I’m currently at.

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Check your DMs on IG.

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Thanks man, will have a read after work!

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Comp Bench
130kg 2x4, 125kg 2x5

Blue Slingshot
145kg x3, 140kg x3

Hammer Curls
18kg 3x10

Close Grip Cable Row
13 plates 4x7

Fatigue is building, everything is starting to feel hard and heavy, happy with how things moved considering

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89.4kg on waking this morning. Sorry the picture isn’t the best quality, but this is where I’m currently at, empty on a morning.

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247.5kg x1, 240kg x2, 232.5kg x fail

Called it there, Im not recovering at all from the earlier sessions in the week, and working long hours. I’m only sleeping 5-6 hours a night and I really feel like crap!

I won’t be peaking like this again, its way too much

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If it’s any consolation, you generally will feel like shit during a peak. As long as you get a decent deload prior to meet day you’ll feel great.

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Yea I know I’m supposed to feel like shit mate, but I shouldn’t be missing reps and what not.

I think the Squat push has been a bit too much, but we live and we learn!

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