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The Odds This Stuff Will Cause Hair Loss?


Hi guys,

I basically registred to ask this question only, since I tried on a mainstream big bodybuilding board and it was a bunch of 16 year olds replying.

My gym buddy sold me this stuff. I was about to slam it down untill I found a review on a bodybuilding forum where a guy mentioned this product absolutely destroyed his hairline, while he suffered no such side effects while on havoc which is supposedly stronger stuff.


Well, it is a steroid. I don't know much about it. I do know that a lot of the over-the-counter steroids being sold are often pretty obscure without much if any research behind them. This means the information we have on them mostly comes from people using them and then posting their experiences on forums rather than scholarly journals.

It is my understanding (someone please correct me if this isn't accurate) that hair loss is only accelerated by steroid use if you are "prone" to baldness, or more specifically have Androgenic Alopecia. This is the main cause of baldness and I've heard anywhere from 30-50% of men have it.

Have you ever used steroids before? Are you over 21 and understand how to implement a proper PCT? If you answered no to the last two questions, you might want to put that stuff on ebay or something.


I've never used steroids before, but supposedly this stuff is so light you don't need pct or if you want to you can use animal m stack for it they said. the bottle recommends "reversitol" for pct but that's because it's an i force supplement probably.

and i'm 22


I did some googling but didn't find any solid information on how androgenic that compound is, which is a quality that people typically use to predict hair loss problems.

As for using over-the-counter products for PCT, I would be interested in what some of the more knowledgeable members have to say about that. A lot of people think it is "ok" to use those products with "mild" cycles. Personally, as of now, I would always use a SERM.


i'm baffled the guy mentioned he had no sides with havoc but damn near went bald on this


ya man stay away from prohormones their wack. All my buddies used to take a prohormone called spawn..shit was potent but i wouldnt mess with ph's rather do the real thing


You sound as intelligent as the 16yr olds who replied to your first posting attempt.

You didnt even bother to read the stickies.

You dont have a clue as to what your "stuff" is.

You are far to inexperienced to be "slamming it down."

Now i know this is a long shot here, but..........Im guessing you need to drink ur milk and pick up some heavy weight.


I gave it to a buddy of mine to be a guinea pig. His dad is bald so if it doesn't affect him would it affect me? Because my dad has good hair.


Who cares seroiusly? Aren't you worried about your prostate?


hahaha who cares? u telling me u dont mind waking up bald


What hes saying is that Hairloss will be the least of your problems.


You should probably read about on which side of the family the MPB gene is carried.