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The Obama Deception


Enjoy. This is NOT about Obama per say. This is not about Democrats and Republicans. We need to all take notice of the greater powers at hand.


More conspiracy theories, what a bunch of complete crap. I would advice everyone to not waste their time watching this nonsense, unless your name is Charlie Sheen.

Really Gregus, don't do this again.


So you disagree with the Banks having all the power? If so, explain why not? Ill listen with an open mind. This is not about Obama per say.


I could only handle to the analogy of America to Mac Donalds , that was all sound bites and nonsense


Elites rule the world. They have the most POWER. and power is MONEY. And bankers have the most of that.

soooo...ahh yeesh.. makes sense!

[old news]


Admit it, you hated that because he was black and you're a closet racist.


True. And old news it is, but for some it will be an epiphany. And it's those that must be reached.


That's just what THEY want you to believe.


:)I thought it was stupid


Oh Gregus, please tell me that you're just young and stupid. Don't post back that you're over the age of say 25 and walk around believing this nonsense.

"It doesn't matter the parties, it's all a sham, they're in bed together both republicans and democrats and they're controlled by just a hand full of men who have (drum roll) ALL THE POWER..."

(Cue Bush the elder) "We will have a new world order".

(Cue masses of people running in the street)

I'm laughing so hard It's now difficult to type, thanks a lot.

But seriously, and I mean this in order to help you did you ever stop to think that the people who produce these books and DVD's have another motive? That motive being MONEY.

You see Gregus they know that there are young impressionable people like you, and a good many nut jobs as well, who will buy things like this thus increasing their personal bank accounts.

That is what we call in a free market system a profit motive.

Congratulations you get one more >>>> (Eye Roll)


To think that there is not agenda for world govt. would be assinine. Far too much evidence to say otherwise, one must do the research that clearly shows we are heading for a new world order. It has been stated numerous times by heads of state and since the advent of the federal reserve complete and udder creation of boom and bust cycles in order to bankrupt the middle class to create finacial & social dependance on big govt.

Wake the hell up and take ur ignorant head out of your ass America, u need to vote republicans & democrats out of office,they are both the same and are hijacking your great constitution. U want socialism, go for it, I live in a quasi socialist country, not all peaches and cream!!!


U need to spell words like you and your to be taken seriously. Dude. Yes there is a march towards socailism and yes many powerful types want that, but it's out in the open. People want more of what they want and need. Politicians want more power. Rich guys want more money, what's the surprise here?


He was in a hurry and couldn't spare the time for extra keystrokes. Plus he's saving boatloads on wear and tear to his keyboard.