The Oatmeal Hate Thread.

So being the skeptic I am, I decided to test out this grain-allergy stuff. I hadn’t been eating oatmeal for a few months and I was getting pretty lean, especially in the spots where I tend to collect fat (pecs, love handles, lower back). So I figured, okay, I can eat oatmeal again.

A month later, it turns out all that stuff about food allergies may be true. Despite having new found vascularity in my groin/lower ab area, triceps, shoulders, and legs, those previously mentioned spots look softer and less defined. “Watery” even.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that oatmeal is the devil. For me, anyways. Who’s with me?

was your diet low carb before the addition of oatmeal? it could just be water retention issues, as reintroducing carbs will make you hold water initially. things tend to even out after a while however.

Nah, I was eating Ezekial bread for a little bit and it was all good. It was only after I switched to oatmeal at breakfast that I noticed the things I mentioned. It’s not like I was eating a lot either, like 3/4 cup.

oh well, more oatmeal for me i guess :slight_smile:

I never really liked the shit anyways.

One slice of Ezechiel bread:
Calories 80
Fat 0.5g
Carbs 15g
Protein 4.0g

Oatmeal, 3/4 cup:
Calories 230
Fat 3.75g
Carbs 42g
Protein 8.25g

You need to look at the macros, and compare slices of bread to cups of oatmeal before you come to a conclusion that oatmeal is the devil.

Also the glycemic load and glycemic index of oatmeal and Ezechiel bread are different. Did you take this into consideration when arriving at this conclusion?

How’s you’re insulin response factored into the equation?
Have you noticed any trouble here in the past?

I was eating two slices of Ezekial bread.

I have noticed trouble before actually, but I figured maybe since I’d gotten leaner it would be different this time - sadly it was not.

I gained an inch of belly fat and horrible diarrhea by eating oatmeal for breakfast for a week. I can totally get down on some oatmeal hating.

I found some rolled barley at my grocery, and I seem to tolerate that well. The texture is almost identical.

High five, dude. High five.

A bowlful of oatmeal is like a bowlful of lugees


How do people even eat that shit?

I have to lace my oatmeal with cinnamon and crap just to be able to swallow it.

I eat my oats raw with milk. So much better than that slimy cooked stuff.

Makes me tired as all hell and makes me fart a lot. I’m down with the hate.

One week of eating a normal amount of oatmeal is not gonna add an inch of belly fat. Maybe some water and a little fat…but an INCH?

oatmeal sucks so bad. I cant add brown sugar and shit and without anything in it it tastes like… waterwith bread in it. I eat it like once a week, but i normally just eat cheerios and bread. i wish i liked oatmeal though, so fucking good for you

Oatmeal Ate My Baby!

Actually, I used to hate the stuff before I started eating smaller portions of Quaker whole oats with just a bit of water. Really fuels my tougher workouts when I eat it an hour before. Of course I often mix it with tunafish so perhaps my opinion isn’t too valid… 8^P.

I love oatmeal. I eat spoonfuls right out of the canister. I have to chase it down with water.

get a food allergy test to be sure

I’ve been eating oatmeal daily for months now, with no other carbs - is it going to fuck me up that bad? I have noticed increased weight gain and water retention, but I thought that was because I was eating more overall…

i pour raw oatmeal in a paper cup and take it in the car with me when i leave for work…i drink it dry out of the cup like other people do coffee…yummmmmmmmm!