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The Oak Story

I got this from the -Things You’ve heard at the gym- thread.

It was written by Man O’ War but I thought it deserved more than page three in a thread.

[quote]Man O’ War wrote:

This story is an absolute classic and was used as an example in my old gyms sales training manual.

The star of this story is no less than the greatest bodybuilder of all time (You know who I mean. He will be referred to as GOAT). My old boss was an international bodybuilder and has competed against/ trained with the GOAT so I take it as true.

When GOAT was in his bodybuilding heyday he travelled to Australia for a competition/promotional activity.

My boss had to go with him to all the fan sessions and etc. This one guy kept coming up to him and asking if he could kiss his bicep.

GOAT told him that wouldn’t be happening.

The guy followed GOAT everywhere. To the gym, book signings, the shows and so on. He realised that it wasn’t going to happen without some consideration. He then offers him $500 to kiss his bicep. GOAT agrees and tells him to bring the money and meet them at my boss’ hotel room.

They all go up there and sure enough a knock on the door comes. My boss opens the door…
“Hey GOAT, your faggot friend is here.”

GOAT walks up to him. Takes the cash, counts it, flexes the bi’s and the guy lands a tiny peck on it before GOAT slams the door on his face.

He turns to the room full of Bodybuilders pissing themselves laughing and says (Best said in Austrian Accent) “Da moral of the story… Get da money first.”

That was actually engraved on a plaque behind the counter at our gym and used as our sales motto.

Ahhh memories. I took that $500 and turned it into a few grand at the Casino and then shouted the lads a night at the slappers.

Sweet story.

Ahnuld is da Shit.
(done in my best austrian accent)

$500 was a frikkin’ lot of money back then.

Glad you guys liked the story.

[quote]Magarhe wrote:
$500 was a frikkin’ lot of money back then. [/quote]

I wonder how the guy who paid the money remembers that story.

“The Oak (he asked me to call him that) invited me personally up to his hotel room, gave me a private pose-show and proceeded to demonstrate the perfect example of a ballistic horizontal shoulder adduction!”

No greater man.