The O Expo

What are the plans for the O Expo? Will you have the next copy of the print mag? MAG10 available? Other new products? Naked fitness bimbos or porn stars?

I think that as a company, T-mag and Biotest are going to skip the O and focus on the Arnold, which is the really big one in terms of the Expo, like we did last year. I’m sure a few T-mag contributors will be at the Olympia though. I think Ron Harris is going.

Excellent. I talked to you guys at the last Arnold Expo. Never have I met a more down to earth group of people at the Arnold. I live in Columbus so I go almost every year. After talking to a certain “prohormone” expert, you guys were a breath of fresh air. I like working out and all, but that guy thinks he came up with the cure for cancer. Anyhow, If you guys need any tips on where to go I’ll give you a holler, and I’ll buy the first round.

Changing the subject, but just slightly - what are, if any, the plans on any other T-mag seminars like this year in Orlando? It was mentioned at that seminar that the next one would be in conjunction with Mr. O, which is why this thread made me think of this…

I’m not sure about other seminars. I don’t think there’s going to be one around O time. Then again, that’s not my department as they say.

Anyone wanting to meet a bunch of T-mag contributors needs to attend the SWIS conference this year. Read the “Bodybuilder, Heal Thyself” article for details.

The problem with seminars and Expos is that we’re a very small company. Packing up and going to the Arnold or the O means work generally stops for several days. We’re not one of these companies that just hires a bunch of pro bodybuilders and fitness bunnies to work the booth. If we do a booth, most of the core staff will be there and we’ll bring our own fitness bunnies (our wives and girlfriends). That’s the plan for the next Arnold. Besides, we’ll take Arnie over Joe any day.

I am going to the A also…but only if Patterson springs for naked fitness chicks! I’d like a short, perky brunette and a tall
redhead. Thanks, Tim!


Yeah, I’m just going to have what Brock is having. Wait…go ahead and give me two of each. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ll take all the girls out of the batter up video. Hell I’ll take most of the girls out of any rap video. Mizal my fanizal that’s the damn anthem etc etc. I can’t rap la la la. :slight_smile:


Damn, I forgot to put in the MAG-10 contract
that at the Arnold, Biotest is supposed to supply me with
Marla Duncan, in my luxury hotel room. I KNEW there was something I was forgetting… :frowning:

I mean, how could I be SO STUPID as to forget this important “perk”?

scowl chris you are in BIG trouble if you think you’re not bringing the ‘Gang’ along to the Arnold!!!

O expo? I thought y’all meant an Orgasm Expo.

There’s an Orgasm expo? Where can I sign up?
Oh wait, you mean something else. Never heard
of it. :slight_smile:

Where is the AH-nuLd gonna be held this year??? I want to check out all the new “shit” that everyone is coming up with just to keep up with BIOTEST and T-MAG.

The Arnold will be held in Colombus, OH as usual. Last year was great. Hope to see you there!