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The Nutty Asian - Video Recipe


Ever done this before?


Looks pretty good.

You should check out the Asian section of your grocery store, or if you can go to an Asian grocery store.

Making a stir fry with Asian chili sauce (I like Sambal) + natural peanut butter + lime juice works pretty well too.


i like soy sauce + PB + dash hot sauce + tbsp or two of water melted in microwave then tossed with chicken and lettuce or broccoli (less carbs)


If you like that look for Thai Peanut sauce.


The recipe looks good. I might have to try that.

Here's another recipe for simple asian style low carbin' that i like to use --

Sweet/spicy chicken or shrimp:

Put protein source (chicken, shrimp, white fish etc.) in pan. Add chili sauce. I love asian chili/garlic sauce with a protein source. For sweetness, yet still low carb, add erythriol (an artificial sugar with almost zero carb and does not cause gut discofort). I usually fry it with coconut oil and shrimp but I've done it with chicken too. That's pretty much it. It's made about the same way as the video. Erythriol melts pretty easily on medium high heat. Add a pinch of sea salt and any other spices/herbs you might like. It would be good with shredded coconut mixed in as well. Really good, and adding broccoli to the mix works pretty well.


Thanks a lot for the contribution.