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The Nutrition Threads...

Dear god, not been in there for a while.

I read through a few threads in there and wanted to rip my eyes out, its like a bunch of 14 yr olds created accounts and just polluted the forum with bull shit.

I know this doesn’t deserve a thread on its own but i just needed to say something.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
You’re right; it doesn’t deserve its own thread :wink:


Hahahahahahahaha but BBB made everything alright with a emoticon.

yeah i was pretty hurt at first but the smiley kinda made me feel a little better!

What is it that’s annoying you?

[quote]Nards wrote:
What is it that’s annoying you?[/quote]

I don’t theres just an air of stupidity… should i drink 1L of milk or 1.3L… etc…

who gives a fuck! It depends how thirsty you are lol

The nitro one is priceless

see im not the only !

I wasn’t disagreeing, I just wanted to know what it was specifically.

I know…the “how do I eat my cheat meal?” is a little funny.

A-ha! I just went to the nutrition forum and saw your response to the skinny guy who said he has love handles. Excellent!

Lol its like a complete joke that place! its gud just for the lulz but the problem is after about 30 seconds cortisol begins to rise coz it’s soooo retarded.

for some reason I can’t post in the nitro thread either. I want to make fun of his SO BAD :frowning: