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The Nut is Gone


"...ACORN announced Monday it is folding amid falling revenues, six months after video footage emerged showing some of its workers giving tax tips to conservative activists posing as a pimp and prostitute"..."

Sorry to be the PWI bearer of bad news.

(Are you guys going to be okay?)




You'll see


Watch for a re-emergence under a new name. I am calling this right now.


Some of the larger Chapters already have...so you're late.



Gone In Name Only

They are faking their own death. No doubt about it.


That's why I love you guys!

No pulling any Marxist Wool over on YOU guys eyes!



Give your girl a wool sweater and then tell her you want to pull the wool over HER eyes. :wink:

I think the American people have seen the true nature of Socialism and have turned back from the precipice. People like OBAMA, the SEIU and ACORN, have shown us the bare naked soul of the libs. The economy will collapse due to their policies and maybe America wiil experience a new birth of freedom.


Glad to be of service my friend. I'll be right here when this proves to be absolutely the case. I'll make you a gentleman's bet right here and now. The same people doing the same "work" with the same funding. Different registration and different name. My hand is out.


I heard ACORN went under because they bankrupted themselves trying to send double agents to Tea Party protests.


They are not bankrupt


Well, for whatever reason they're going under/disappearing, good riddance.


I'm tellin ya, they ain't goin nowhere.


They will come back with a different name.


Perhaps, of course obama would prop them up, but there is a chance this is legit too. Fingers crossed.


It's already underway. I promise. I will send a contribution to the democratic national committee if ACORN's organization does not show up under, probably many other names. These types, quite admirably actually, never ever ever go away without overwhelming force. They believe in their causes with a positively religious zealotry.


Start looking in November, you will see them, without actually seeing them.


...apparently ACORN was out shadow government for years...


I assume this is relevant to your interests:

[i]Last year, when the issue of defunding ACORN was a hot-button issue, I told countless radio talk show audiences that the focus should be on eliminating the underlying fuel that created the organizationâ??the flow of federal subsidies.

Chris Edwards pointed this out in September. If Congress simply stops subsidizing ACORN, its activists will reincorporate under new names and again become eligible for funds. Alas, thatâ??s precisely what ACORN is currently doing.

From FoxNews.com:

One of the latest groups to adopt a new name is ACORN Housing, long one of the best-funded affiliates. Now, the group is calling itself the Affordable Housing Centers of America.

Others changing their names include what were among the largest affiliates: California ACORN is now Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, and New York ACORN has become New York Communities for Change. More are expected to follow suit.


Oh they're jist gittin started.


"ACORN Declares Bankruptcy; Democrats, Pimps Hardest Hit"