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The Nouveau Handicapped

This isn’t intended to piss anyone off or insult them. It a growing phenomenon, that is becoming more and more prevalent in our society as a whole. You see people in wheelchairs and those mini-four wheeled electric carts. You see them at airports where the overtaxed airline assistants are trying to push them from point A to point B. You see them is supermarkets, parking in the center of the aisle, so no one else can get by.

They are highly obnoxious and they are handicapped. They are handicapped by choice. They seem to weigh anywhere from 275 pounds to 350 or 400 pounds or more. They are so huge, a few simple steps and they are breathless and close to cardiac arrest. They scream about on their electric scooters demanding the center of the aisle, as if they are really handicapped.

But they are not handicapped; they are chronically or monstrously obese. They are the ones that do this to themselves. There is no natural reason for being in this position. They will try to claim it’s their metabolism; they were born this way or any of a hundred bogus excuses.

I have often wondered how they could afford to get to this size. When one of them details a simple meal let’s say breakfast, 48 eggs, 1 1/2 pounds of bacon, three loaves of bread, 1 1/2 pounds of butter one pound of sausage, the list could go on forever. Who buys all this stuff? They obviously don’t work. One or two of their meals, would fill my cupboard for a month. Do they really find people that will give up their car payment so they can buy them food?

I read about a man that is over one-thousand pounds. That is beyond comprehension. How could someone possibly eat that much? He must have the entire neighborhood shopping for him. These people do serve one purpose though, they are great for lecturing kids, when they want the latest fast-food commercial. C’mon kid, you want to grow up and look like that? In the mean time society is burdened with taking care of these people. Instead of chasing people like this, they spend their time regulating the supplement industry and lecturing about the bugaboos of steroids. America is not turning into a country of overweight people, it is inventing a new race of monster.

Never have I read an article I agree with more. Especially so since today when shopping for food one of these part human/part cart monstrosities hit me from behind then proceeded to scream at me to get out of her way. I spun around ready to punch this peice of shit square in her flabby chin, but my better judgement took hold of me and I refrained. But I couldn’t help but notice other shoppers (all fat) looking at me like I was the bad person in all of this, as if that turd had the RIGHT to act the way she did. I also noticed buckets of ice-cream and corn chips in the shopping basket attached to the cart which was groaning under the weight. Pathetic.