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The North Pole Has Melted....

Or has it…

That was very lacking in sensationalism. I want to hear something absolutely horrible, and this didn’t fill the bill.

I love how this horseshit panic cycles every generation from Warming…to Ice Age…to Warming again.
Round and Round it goes, where the scammers stop, NOBODY KNOWS…mUUUUaaaaHAHAHA!



Ice Ace imminent!

1990’s to present day.

Forget the 70’s…it’s WARMING again dammit, and this time we REALLY mean it!!

Check out the cover stories back from the 70’s:


Something wrong with Time magazine…‘Why we can’t beat the Soviets.’ LOL

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Global warming… gotta love the BS we’ve been handed through the years.

If 20% of the polar ice caps melt, Idaho will be under water. Crap like that. The stark reality, now you have to tell your kids that Santa delivers presents by jet ski instead of on his sleigh.


come on guys you know if you don’t believe in global warming you’re an evil republican Halliburton supporting racist. what you’ll her by tge zombie progs is that what it’s going on its climate change

Y’all are all Racists.