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The Non-Training Side of "Overtraining"

Hi Coach C, I trust all is well?

I am still trying to pin down my issues regarding “over training”. Whilst I am most definately not overtraining, as per my other posts to you, there is something amiss.

I have read one of your articles regarding this problem and it struck me that my problem is most likely not conditioning that is resulting in my breakdowns after being in the gym for a couple of weeks, but more than likely the accumulation of stressors.

I am addressing things like high BP, high blood sugar and BF%…I am also supplementing with Omega3’s, ZMA, Curcumin & bromelain (for inflammation, amongst other things)

My morning wood is fine (probably due to TRT) but I have zero to less than zero libido (a fleeting glance at porn helps a lot to get the interest in sex going, oddly enough), no motivation in general, apathy and lack focus.

To my mind, after reading yours and other articles, this seems to be a CNS problem.

If it is a CNS problem, what would you recommend that I do to support the CNS and bring it back up to speed? Keep in mind that I have performed your CNS workouts. Whilst they do not wipe me out completely, there is a definite moment during the workout where I can feel the “light go out” and I have yet to feel refreshed after performing such a workout.

Or could you point me in a direction?

Thanks, your time is as always appreciated.