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The Nike SWOOSH!!!

I’ve noticed that the “Swoosh” is on all Division One, and most D2 and D3 football jerseys, making me conclude that this may not be an agreement with each individual school.

Or is it?

Any of you guys know the nature of the marketing agreement (in general) of Nike with College Football? Is it with the NCAA? Each individual school?

I don’t really have a problem with it; it’s just my extreme curiosity at work!


Each school has an individual contract with the given company.


If that’s the case; then Nike must be making offers NO one can refuse!


I believe ND has a contract with Adidas, but I could be wrong. But its true, between those two, I dont see any other brand name chain.

I wonder if that’s the same with RBK(Reebok) and the NHL, I’ve seen their logo on every jersey, and then on the red line that goes up the boards at center ice at every rink.

Nike is all over the place, but here are a few schools with other deals for jerseys and, where applicable, shoes:

Adidas: Tennessee, Arizona State, Nebraska…

Under Armour: Maryland

Russell: Auburn

There are some others out there, but Nike is by far the most prevalent.

[quote]KC Masterpiece wrote:

There are some others out there, but Nike is by far the most prevalent.[/quote]

Not to mention their expansion into all pop-culture. I was watching Smallville and noticed the logo on their “tv football team”. Their shoes are sponsored on the show regularly as well as much of the apparell. You can’t fault them for taking full advantage, but it must be mind boggling just how much money they are actually pulling in yearly.