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Well, I finally began TRT today after nearly a year of tests with my total test hovering around the bottom of the range.

First off, my experience with the NHS during this time has been an uphill battle, when I first thought to get levels checked my dr proclaimed I would definitely have adequate test levels, apparently she knew just by looking at me!

Then when I finally got to see an endocrinologist they agreed to a trial of TRT. This consists of 3 months of 1ml sus 250 every other week, no ai, no hcg. Of course I tried to get them + weekly injections at least but they wouldn't listen, they didn't even respond to the published studies I sent to them proving my point.

And so today. My dr booked me in for an appointment with a nurse to be shown how to self inject. When I got there she couldn't believe I wanted to do it and hadn't ever seen it in all her years as a nurse apparently! I asked for a wipe to sterilise the area and received a puzzled look: "I inject people all day including lots of babies and I never use wipes" she said. I sat there speechless. Eventually we moved past this and so began the injection. I have researched the topic beforehand but when it came to the real thing I forgot to aspirate, obviously something else the nurse never does as she didn't seem particularly bothered

Oh and no need for blood tests again until the end of the three months and when I asked what would be the outcome at the end of those three months I was told "we'll if it doesn't do anything for you then we'll take you off trt (cold turkey btw) and if it cures your problems then we'll switch you to gel"

You Americans should think yourselves seriously privileged.


Well, we are about to be privileged with obamacare.

I have be using my VA benefits to deal with my TRT issues, and while they are the ones that discovered that I had low T it took forever and a day. No other treatment is available, no hcg, AI.

I imagine the the health care that is going to be offered under obamacare will be very similar to the VA if not worse.


Similar problems in Canada, Australia and perhaps New Zealand. In the USA you can try to find a good doc, great if you can. But most are idiots.


i am surprised you have even managed to get any kind of trt on NHS as apparently andropause is not a recognised condition according to their website!


Well to say it was an uphill battle would be an understatement but once I finally got to see an endo, surprisingly straight forward! I asked for three additional things on top of the sus 250mg eow that they prescribed.
- pin at home
- split doses
- hcg and ai

So far they let me pin at home, still working on the other two!

I suppose I have no right to moan since I've read some of the accounts of uk residents battling to get what they need on here. I'm always left scratching my head however when I read the accounts of someone (us resident) visiting a gp and getting TRT prescribed on the spot!


@Dieseldave I would be really interested if you could share those studies you mentioned with me.

I’ve seen a couple of Endos, but they were diabetes/thyroid guys and proved the old saying about everything looking like a nail to a bloke with a hammer…

Anyway, got my GP to make a private referral to a urologist who specialises in andrology. He was very candid and said that I should be prepared to fight my local CCG as they are strict with TRT in cases like mine (i.e. anything that’s not primary hypogonadism). I need a few more bloods as he was surprised some obvious things like prolactin, free t and E2 were missing from the Endos and then will start TRT.

I’m also looking for him to prescribe hCG and Clomid as part of the protocol but he seems to be either Testosterone OR hCG/Clomid


Never both at once!