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The NFL Draft

Any highlights or intriguing picks that you guys found in the NFL Draft? I thought that the picking of Eric Crouch by the RAMS as a Wide Receiver was pretty interesting! With his natural talent, and what he can learn from Issac Bruce, Torry Holt, Terrance Willams, Ricky Proehl and Yo Murphy, I think he’ll make an impact. Also…Spurrier seems to be doing a lot of wheeling and dealing (as I said in an earlier post…following Spurrier this year should be fun!)

As always…the Draft is where the excitement of another NFL season begins! Any thoughts?

rookie of the year–ashley lelie, denver broncos offense, roy williams, cowboys, defense.

I missed the damn NFL draft?! Damn. I gotta read up on this and then I’ll comment. But a Wide Receiver chosen by the Rams. That is interesting. I miss football ;-(

Go Niners!!!! he he he.

oh yeah forgot one thing. Surprise of the 2002 NFL season–eric crouch leads the rams in interceptions

Well my hometown team (Saints) picked Dante Stallworth. He’s got the speed but the question can he catch. An interesting fact I heard on the radio was that LSU’s Josh Reed had 91 catches last year and Dante had under a 100 catches in 3 years but he was still the highest rated receiver in the draft. Josh Reed went in the beginning of the 2nd round. It seems like a lot of times they are looking more for potential than shown playing abilities.

I don’t think Eric Crouch will be playing wide receiver for long. If not quarterback, he seems like a fit at runningback or laying out hits at safety. Real interesting in that Pittsburgh picked up another “slash” player in Randle El to go along with Stewart - “Slash” Stewart throws deep to an open “Slash” Randle El. I’m hoping Ashley Lelie picks up the offensive rookie award as well, just as long as he recovers from that damn hamstring injury.

Spurrier will be fun to watch Mufasa, but being a Skins fan I’m even more excited about watching their D, with Marvin Lewis as the DC. And three linebackers by the names of Arrington, Armstead and Trotter… yeah, you know those three that were in the pro bowl last year.

Oh yeah, Ramsey will be exciting to watch.

Best D next year will be in Dallas though. :frowning:

Hopefully this will be the end of another dark chapter. Go Cowboys.

My poor Broncos. Romo, why hath thou forsaken us?

Our draft was mediocre. We’ll see how well Shanahan strategized[sp]. Sharpe is back which is good. I’m starting to get that football buzz…

Sadly we’re only half way out of the offseason.

hey man watch out for one of the redskins picks rashad bauman, a cb from oregon. he was the best coverman in the pac-10, and hits like he’s a linebacker (he’s 5’8 185). while i dont think he will top williams for defensive player of the year, dont be surprised if he makes the all-rookie team.

The Bronco’s scored in my opinion. I live in Hawai and I got to watch every Warriors game. Ashley is the shit. He would just flat out make whole secondaries look bad. I think he can beat any corner in the NFL one on one deep. It is nice that he is getting props now.

Proehl is no longer with the Rams, and his name is Terrance WILKINS. Crouch will be out of the NFL in 2 years or less…does “Scott Frost” ring a bell?

Unless some injuries happen, it’s not likely Bauman will get much playing time, except for in Dime situations. The starting corners for the Skins are Champ Bailey and Fred Smoot, two excellent cover corners, and third is the legendary Darrell Green. So Bauman is fourth right now… however the Skins did say they drafted him as Green’s replacement, since he will retire after this season.

Yeah, Scott Frost does ring a bell. A mediocre(at best)quarterback who had an unbelievable team around him. Crouch can’t make it as a safety like Frost. He doesn’t have the size or power. However, he’s a hell of a lot faster and better at handling the ball than Frost could ever dream of being. I don’t know if Crouch will make it or not, but beyond Nebraska quarterback, there is little comparison between the two.

Im F’in PISSED that my detroit lions passed on quentin jammer and took that quarterback from oregon…all because we have a new stadium and need to sell tickets, for cryin out loud…
Jammer is an animal, a 215 lb corner who is intense and can hit, a beast…

I found it interesting that Damien Anderson, the all- american(3rd team), from Northwestern did not get drafted. Word is that he had a terrible combine. Also look out for Auburn’s Kendall Simmons to make quite an impact at guard with the Steelers. It looked to me that the Cowboys got just about all their picks.

i hate to break it to you bro, but the lions need a QB about as bad as jared from subway needs a 3some with two porn stars. charlie batch is the 2nd worst qb in the nfl (behind former lion scott mitchell) and mike mcmahon played at rutgers, who is like 2-30 the past 3 years. harringtion will at least light a fire under the offenses asses. you cant win games if you cant score tds.

Uhh… I watched every Nebraska game this year. Crouch is fast in a straight line (yeah their arent many guys like that in the Pros). However, his ball handling sucks. Calc. his fumbles/carry and youll find he lead the team the last two years. He cant throw and he is not big. I played against the guy in high school and I have seen no improvement in his throwing motion or accuracy since then so he wont get better. Add it all up he wont ever play anywhere but possible KR for anybody ever. I’d bet big money.

Okay, guys…the RAMS front office and coaches aren’t COMPLETE morons and dumbasses…

What is it that you think they see in Crouch?

By the way…based on you guys post, the Washington/Spurrier year seems like it will be even more interesting than I thought, whether they win or lose.

One other thing. What about the Super Bowl Champs? (Patriots). Repeat (which is hard), or a one-time deal?