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The Next President of the United States: IV

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Donald Trump does not want Illegal Mexican Immigration ( Which is already a law ) because illegals can bring crime, He doesn’t mean all, Also he doesn’t want Muslims from the middle east with such backward fucked up societies coming to a country where we’re peaceful, Genghis Khan tried Multiculturalism and the empire was fucked after his death, You see the burned body in the first video I posted?, That was what the citizens did to a Private Contractor in Iraq after he died they hung and burned his body as a sign of revenge, They didn’t instigate the attack, They weren’t responsible for what happened to civilians they were a different group, A family member of mine died in Afghanistan taken by a man who, Wasn’t taught Science, The big bang theory etc only taught since birth that Allah is the greatest and he created everything, How people can still believe religion is beyond me, Hilary only says popular opinions, She hated gay marriage and now she loves it because she sees it as a political advantage to her agenda.

He’s talking about the notion that the attack was the result of peaceful protests turning violent over some video making fun of Allah while simultaneously telling her daughter it was a terror attack. I happen to agree that it is deplorable, purposefully deceitful, but not disqualifiying in general (She’s never had my vote anyway).

This might as well be a Trump campaign bumper sticker as well…

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I don’t really want to, you are too diligent.
Plus you have boxed me in with a Kremlin only argument.

Perhaps this explains my thoughts more accurately - Trump’s narcissism and (probable) average IQ make him likely to be a puppet, totally unbeknownst to him. She is so desperate for actual money, legacy and devoid of character (and/or ______pathic), she would trade anyone or anything to get these.

My inelegant summation is that he is an egocentric flunky dunce that could get (is getting?) played. She is a pathological lying and guileful societal engineer battling a potentially neurological incapacity.
Since empires collapse internally from corruption, I find her frightening.

Edit Would like more in depth reading on 2 areas if you would direct - Movement of SA-23 into Syria and also anything about Afghanistan shadow military ie on US payroll but non existent in reality Thanks

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That’s cool, I didn’t really want to either lol. FTR my intention wasn’t to box you in re: the Kremlin. I understand there are many other grounds on which to criticize HRC. I simply have come to the conclusion that this particular issue is unprecedentedly urgent. We are in uncharted waters with Trump / Putin, and I have a very specific vision of where they might lead. Self-interest impels me to vote for Clinton regardless of how I otherwise feel about her.

I don’t really disagree with the other stuff you’ve written, but I would add that this…

She is so desperate for actual money, legacy and devoid of character (and/or ______pathic), she would trade anyone or anything to get these.

…can work to our advantage. When someone is POTUS, self-interest and American interests tend to converge at certain important pressure points. POTUS’ legacy and endurance become tied to the health of the economy and the security of the nation. If she is the pure distillation of sleepless political ambition the Right has painted her to be, I have no doubt that she will at the very least do everything in her power to (e.g.) keep Putin out of Latvia – and that’s something I want very much.

From same paper - thumbs up for humorous title :thumbsup:
Roger Simon: Trump hits rock bottom, but keeps digging 1


Rampant you a Trump Supporter?, GO TRUMP, It helps the UK so much he supported Brexit

Hilary couldn’t keep one man happy, How could she keep a whole nation happy lmao

I’m not sure we can keep him out of former USSR countries.

  1. Russia will claim 1000 year empire status and proximity
  2. Remember the old fight in Summer, he flips this & going into winter while holding Europe’s heat
  3. US is tired of fighting
  4. W Europe / NATO swallow hard and think we don’t really care about Russia’s 'Sudetenland’
    4b) Poland & CZ probably quaking and thinking shit gettin real now

Let me know on my post above on the edit if you can direct to some more reading material

Yep, not happy about how messy he’s got but still holding on.

oh yeah and you’d have to put a branding iron to my balls before I’d consider voting for Hillary


Based on what? Everything I see shows the campaign is collapsing.

CNN Definitely not biased

He’s going to lose and it’s going to be embarrassing.

That’s what you got out of that?? Not the twitter rant of a child, polls showing him losing, the electoral map that is slamming the door shut, or the election prediction above 80% probablitly?

Not everybody has WSJ access so I posted CNN, this better?

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Total Bullshit.

Did anyone ever think that Trump was REALLY a Republican…or even a Conservative?

The sad part of all this for me is that close to 60%…60%!…of Americans will not only dislike the President…they will HATE them…(either Trump or Clinton).


Their own fault. Refuse to nominate and support sleazebags (Trump and Hillary).

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What’s even worse is it looks like Trump will cost the Senate and possibly the House.


Here ya go, sort of a pro-Trump post…