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The Next President of the United States: IV


The Next President of the United States: III is unlisted now for some reason…




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Yep, that’s why the tangerine tornado has …

Multi billions, made the President flinch twice when no one else could, has a ridiculously hot wife, beat 16 competitors while spending $55 million compared to Hillary spending $174 million to beat one 74 year old Socialist, flamed the entire media to the point where he controls the narrative.

Yea, sounds like a total loser. I much rather prefer the community organizer who never ran shit, or the crooked psychopath who touts women’s rights but takes huge money from countries to beat/stone/kill women for things we would find unworthy.

And for Pocahontas (Lizzy Warren) to stand up on that stage and speak with Hillary, while at the same time claiming to be against Wall Street, one of the worst displays of selling out I have seen in a good while.


I watched the two of them on stage and laughed hysterically. Elizabeth Warren had her arms in the air and was just about jumping up and down it was manic energy. She is a far left wing loon. But the contrast to Hillary is what was funniest. Old Hillary tried to put her arms in the air but couldn’t quite get them fully up there . Her forearms at least did clear her shoulders. It was like watching a guy trying to press a heavy weight and not quite clearing the level of his head.

A few pumps up in the air and she was done and I mean done physically. The contrast in energy between the two was dramatic. In a weird sort of perverse way it would be funny to watch Hillary for four years if she did win. As history has shown us those of even robust health age dramatically under the stress of being President. I wonder what four years would do to old Hillary who for the age of 69 appears to have all of the energy of an 85 year old.


Not a huge fan of polls due to the anti Trump effect but this one looks good for Trump


If they intend to solely play the women’s card, it will not bode well at the polls. She is as left as Bernie, probably worse. She might as well put a skirt and a wig on ol’ Bern, after all, those are the voters she’s targeting with Pocahontas.


I see of all the polls taken this month you found the one where it puts the race closest. There was a poll that came out late last week that had him down 12. That’s why RCP does the average, which has him down. Right now it looks very bad for Trump, this poll included.

You could also go by the current electoral map based on the polling, which also looks bad for Trump.

A for effort on spin though.


National polls are fun to watch, but the important polls are the state polls. As everyone knows the President is elected by electoral votes (some of you may remember Bush/Gore 2000). The dems start out with a huge lead with California’s 55 electoral votes. So the republicans need to play catch up from the very beginning. That means Trump must win Ohio, Florida and all the other red states to win the election. But in Trump’s case because he has a strong appeal to working class voters he might be able to lose Florida if he picks up some other blue states such as PA, WV and a couple of others.

Anyway polls mean nothing in June one only need look at the Bush/Clinton election of 1992. Bush was ahead by about 20 points in the summer and ended up losing to Bill Clinton in November.

Stay tuned there will be plenty of things happening over the next 5 months.


I’ve never been convinced that there are enough women who really want to see a woman President simply because the person happens to be a woman. If the woman was actually an accomplished individual with a stellar record and plenty of charisma that would be one thing. But Hillary is none of those things. Adding Elizabeth Warren to the ticket would absolutely be the death knell for the democrats. She’s a wild eyed woman who reminds one of that mean principal/teacher that they used to hate.

Just like Hillary she is every man’s worst nightmare. At least the men that don’t carry man bags.

Trump needs to choose a woman so that any woman who does feels like voting for Hillary strictly because of her sex can boast that they voted for the first female VP in history.


Trump should pick Kaitlyn Jenner as VP, crazy idea yes, but he would out-left the Left. Would love to see Libs do their best to be tolerant while attacking the people they claim to be standing up for.


That’s pretty funny stuff Max. I’m still not at the stage where I can’t look at her/him without feeling a little queasy. He was one of my hero’s when he won the decathalon in the 1976 Olympics.


At no point was Bush up by 20 point in the summer. In fact by July, Clinton was up by 5-8 points. Seems that summer polls can tell us something. Your problem is that you are so anti-Clinton that you cannot even look at objectively verifiable data in a reasonable manner.



I don’t think you understand Warren’s effect upon liberals. Whatever you may think of her, she is more popular in the Democratic Party grass roots than Hillary Clinton. I think Warren should stay in the Senate because from there she might be able to shame HRC into keeping her promises to the progressive wing of the party. Clinton should probably pick a Hispanic as her running mate (putting TX and AZ into play), but if she picked Warren it would be easier for most Sanders supporters to come back to the flock instead of defecting to the Green Party.


That sounds just awful…


Please God someone take her, I dont’ want her repping my state anymore.

That said, the miserable pile of shit we’ll replace her with will make fauxahontas look like Reagan comparatively.


George HW Bush was up by 19 points at the end of March over Bill Clinton in 1992. And by the beginning of July Bush was still up by 8 points. The economy turned the election for Bill Clinton as Bush was ahead because of his Gulf War victory.

As for being anti Clinton you don’t pay attention very well. I’ve said many times that I’d rather have Hillary than Obama. I’ve also said with the exception of Bill Clinton lying under oath and that entire sordid mess with Monica Lewinski I would give him rather high grades as a President. And…your problem is you only climb out from under your slimy rock (jnd uh huh) when you think I’ve made a mistake. Next time get your facts straight.


Warren appeals to the left of the democratic party (as you said does Sanders). As for her electability I don’t think it’s that high as it takes more than the left wing to elect a President. One more thing…she’s also a nut claiming to be a native American for 20 years then suddenly switching back to her real nationality when she was called out on it. If you look closely at her one eye goes one way and one the other.

But I do agree with you relative to Hillary picking an Hispanic. If she picks Warren she will lose the center. Blue dog democrats are already giving Trump a good hard look. If he would stop saying stupid shit (almost impossible) they would vote for him. Warren would also cost Hillary the Independents she needs to win the election.

The reason she may have brought out nutsy Warren was that Hillary is having a tough time attracting white females which should be a slam dunk but because she has been outed as a totally corrupt politician it’s not so easy.


Should Hillary win the general election (which most will recall I don’t think she will) she will never, ever keep her promise to the left wing of the party. She’s too smart for that nonsense.