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The Next Level?

Hi all,

1st post. Looking for some tips for a long time lifter, whos had good gains so far but stagnating and wants to keep up his progress.

I have been training for about 10 years, and went from around 140 lbs, 5"8 and skinny at 16 years old to around 210lbs couple years ago (smooth/fat tho, 15-16%) Have recently dropped bodyfat, down to about 12-13% and looking a lot better for it.

My question is, what methods or ways of training / eating to carry on progressing, since as you can imagine gains are coming in much slower and hard fought for than before.

My legs are at a point where I am training for better quality, separation etc, rather than size.

Other areas are lagging, chest / delts in size, yet being stubborn.

Any words of wisdom appreciated,
Cheers, Mike