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The Next Big Youtube Video/Song


This kid has had a lot of videos that have gotten really popular but this one is gonna blow up... its awesome


seriously, is that kid 9 or 40 years old. i can't tell.


uhmmm Is that real? I mean is the kid really singing and is that really 50 or is it some really kick ass CGI? The song was nice regardless.




Awesome as always. If you look at his hands, I think he is older than he appears, just small.


Yeah its real. He has over 30million views of his youtube lip synchs... 50 just wanted to guest sing with him. So awesome


yeah I'm pretty sure he's a midget or dwarf or something like that? I bet hes 30?


I've seen a few of his video's. Was NOT expecting 50 to walk in like that.


That's awesome!


He's 13. He did an interview with one of the local radios here. He also has some sort of mental disorder/physical disorder if I recall. He had to have brain surgery for something or another.


He is just lip syncing terribly? It's not just me?


50 just went up a few more notches. That's pretty classy.


I think the framerate and not so good lighting makes it look bad.


haha damn I musta missed it. Regular guys or 9-6-1.


Wanda in the morning? Whatever show she is on, the one where they do the TV show of them being in studio. But they're actually on the radio just can't remember which station.


ohhhh soooooooooooooooooooooooorry liquidmercury... mr know it all :slight_smile:

13? I doubt it... look at that baller ass chain and neck piece he is sporting at the end of that video


Wanda? I'm glad I missed it.


My thoughts more or less lol.


He didn't even bother cleaning his room up for fiddy.


The radio hosts asked him and he said he was 13. I think the reason he looks older is because of the physical/mental issue he was talking about. I don't remember all the details.