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Right, im a national cyclist and have been training many years. However, im no longer interested in that and want to try my hand at bodybuilding. I been told i have a great structure and ive always been very lean. Id estimate myself about 7-8% right now so im pretty much stage ready i guess.
Ive read some of the threads on on this page before so can all the smart assess please just comment somewhere?

If anyone would like to pm me for my full routine or diet, i will respond. i will answer qs here too but please to ask me anything stupid. I know thats a tall order for most people on here but im happy to help the legitimate posters



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fail troll.


Typical responce from a Welsh arsehole. Is there not a lonely sheep you could be banging right now? Go fist yourself.
For anyone else who wants to put up a responce like this, learn to read.
And whats with the 1.7 score? Granted, i have my faults but im a solid 6-7!
Can i get some constructive criticism rather than retarded comments??
Is that too much to ask of the forum?


How about you read the sticky? Is that too much to ask you delusional little queef.

BTW, what the fuck happened to your midsection? It looks like you got ran over by a truck.


Don't Feed the Troll


You are lean but need more size everywhere. Good base to build from IMO.
I assume you were kidding about being stage ready. I give you a 8 for conditioning, but a 3 for size.


You gotta learn to spell first brah, then we will learn to read.


God damnit.


I don't understand why people log onto a website, post stupid shit just to get a reaction.. its beyond me.


It's the economy. People don't have jobs and are upset with the world so they take revenge by trolling in a futile attempt to ruin someone else's day.


But does it really ruin anyone's day? Id like to think noone over the age of 17 does this.. cos then there are real issues there


What do you expect?

People are basically ass holes, small weak little shits can't deal with that in RL cause the bigger boys would eat them.
So you get internetz hard asses that log on and play macho man with a key board.


lol this amuses me.... i hope he never comes back. or gets crushd under 135lb on the bench as thats prob all he can lift. What a bell end.


To the one gentleman who actually gave advice, cheers for that. I do think i am pretty close to contest shape. The nationals are still a few months away so lots of time to get muscle on.
As for the rest of you pretentious pricks, its the same old shit every single time i check RMP.
My body isnt perfect but im damn sure its better than 90% of people on this forum.
Also, my bench is 210 x 2 so kindly go fuck yourself.
I will post more pics when i win my class. Jealousy is a terrible thing but i experienced it as a cyclist and i guess ill have to deal with it here too.


What do you squat? Or do you just like, run and bike for your leg size? Please post the mandatory pics as detailed in the sticky.


Lol, fine you want advice? And remember this is from a non bias noob, not someone who's even heavily into contests.

1) your chest is very lacking, even at your weight it looks quite deflated. Now maybe that's just your stance but even so I would work on bringing that up a little, upper chest more so.

2) your arms are quite small, not even your biceps but your shoulder too, I would work on adding a little mass tomyour shoulder area to bring it your stance and overall width

3) your back(see 2)

4) I can't see your legs so I don't know

5) yor traps arnt very pronounced, I would work on brining them up.

6) where are you goig with this 7-8% bf? At best I would say your about 11-12%. At 7% your lower abdominals would have a good set of definition while you only have your upper abs slightly coming in.

In my honest opinion I would add overall mass and then cut off the fat but that's a body overhaul at this stage. If you just wanna get shredded, hit a good diet and become even leaner, warning you will look tiny.

Anyway, you wanted some advice and I gave some.


lol 210x2..... go fuck yourself that is a weak ass lift. Contest shape. Have you ever seen a body building contest or what the guys look like who compete? I believe you are the prick. Maybe no pretentious but just dumb as shit with no idea what your talking about. Please kindly fuck off.


Well Organ, i thank you for taking the time to write out that but it was blatantly sarcastic so your really no better than the other jackasses on this thread.

My arms may need a little work but come on, my chest has cross striations whenever i flex it. Also, my abs are relaxed in that pose. I have a full 6 pack when tensed. i actually think im 6% at the most but i guess its a bad picture. I will get it checked soon just to prove it.

As for you Marzouk, youre the poster boy for retarded posts. You have offered nothing to the thread other than a feeble attempt to look cool in front of all the others posers on here.
Judging by your picture, ive taken shits that had a better structure than you so i dont see how you can ever start to criticise me. Where im from, people come to me for advice regularly and have most of my clients walking around at 8% bodyfat or less. I suggest you focus on your own training and not tearing down mine. When you can put up a profile pic that looks better than mine, then you can have your say.


Dude you are no where close to gettng on stage. Striations or not you got no mass anywhere. Honestly I am far ahead of you and I don't feel like I am anywhere ready to compete, even in a local show. Get real.