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The Next Big Thing in Training


One of the powerlifters in our gym came up with a good one. He made this wheel set up that you put on your feet. This is for trunk training and it works. You put your feet in the stirrups, lay out flat supporting your upper body push up style, point your feet towards your head, and walk on your hands.

He has come up with some variations with this, pikes, bridges, weighted walks. It really hits the trunk. He just got back from Westside with it and impressed Louie. I used it in rehabing my SI joint problems along with incline back raises and reverse hypers.,

Look for this to be the next big thing for squat and deadlift work. Not to mention just plain strengthening the trunk.


Sounds like the Power Wheel that's been around for almost 5 yrs. But nothing to take away from the guy you met- like the ab wheel (stick and lawnmower or wheel barrow wheel), something similar to the power wheel can be made at home for cheap and possibly more durable.

I thought the "Next Big Thing" was gonna be infomercials on strongman training.


It is kind of like it, but this guy tricked it out with a stirrup setup for doing several exercises.
I do draw laughs when I do it since I resemble a lizard from the front, my training partner does it like he did his old sniper work. You never hear a hand touch the floor, with mine it sounds like a guy with flat feet walking in a shower.


I'm glad to hear we have another arrow in our quiver. When you train alot anything to keep the variety going is good. I'm a big fan of Louie Simmons. He is a very generous gentleman. He gave me four hours of instruction, in his gym, two days in a row, three years ago. I learned how to squat and bench after years of just not getting it. He is a great man.


Sounds like a Matt Furey movement. He used to sell a device like that, if I'm not mistaken.