The Next Big Supplement

T-peeps, it is my privelidge to inform you of the newest Biotest breakthrough in systematic anabolic delivery. To this date we have witnessed a myriad of delivery systems, an evolution from sprays to capsules to liquid forms. Now, Biotest will unleash the most convenient prosteroid delivery form in existence. Announcing new Biotest T-Paste. No capsules, no medicine droppers to painstakingly drip out the correct dosage. Just squeeze out the pre-measured amount of T-paste, brush, rinse, spit, grow. It’s that f’n simple. Even find yourself delayed in the morning as a result of having to take your supplements and follow the ardous procedure by practicing dental hygine? Not no more. Hell, naw. T-Paste is multi-functional, multifaceted, and minty-fresh. You think your tooth paste is testosterone-suited? Does your dentist own a dangerously hardcore practice? Yeah, the fellas at Biotest thought not, so they thought up T-Paste. Crushin’ Crest, manhandling Mentadent, and terrorizing Tom’s of Maine, T-Paste may be too much for your soft-bristle brush to handle.

MBE: "Yeah I'm just waiting to leave so I figured whatthehell...since 1810."


Drugs are bad, Mmmkay.

I was told by the man himself that mag10 toilet paper was the next big thing. Everytime you wipe your ass a serving of Mag 10(cleverly disguised as barbell pastels in the paper) will rush through your anal cavity and disperse through your system. Something about being closer to the testicles. What’s even better is you only have to wipe once, because every time you blowfart due to the high amounts of protein needed for the Mag-10 paper pusher it disperses small amnts throughout the day. You only need to shit once a day for maximum absorption. Twice a day is reccomended though, but don’t fret once a day will result in phenomenal gains.

Toothpaste, asswipe. What’s next, suppositories? Preperation T.

Titanium nipple rings?

Biotest Beer. That’s all I’m looking forward to. :slight_smile:

lol Patricia. I heard quite awhile back they were working on time released glutamine (don’t know if they still are however), and if I’m not mistaken something for the immune system. Hey Bill and company…all T-Maggers are chanting: "Grow bars! Grow bars! Grow bars! Grow bars!! :slight_smile: [but the other part of me says “be patient. You want them to get it right”]

Yeah. They’re rust-resistant and lightweight, not to mention shiny. Lata.

MBE: “neuveau-ruckus. Since 1971.”