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The next 23 weeks of my life

Well, the time has come for Archaic’s summer cycle(s)… It’s changed since my plan before of EQ, test, tren and halo… Here it is, I already fronted my equipoise yesterday!!!

W1 sust 750, enanthate 250, eq 850, winstrol (orals) 700
W2 sust 500, eq 400, winstrol 700
W3 sust 500, winstrol 700
W4 enanthate 500, tren 225, winstrol 700
W5 enanthate 500, tren 225, winstrol 700
W6 tren 225, winstrol 700
W7 nolva 20mg, primo 150
W8 nolva 20mg, primo 150
W9 nolva 20mg, primo 150
W9 clomid 50mg
W10 off !
W11 off !
W12 sust 750, enanthate 250, eq 850, winstrol 700, primo 450
W13 sust 500, eq 400, winstrol 700, primo 300
W14 sust 500, winstrol 700, primo 300
W15 enanthate 500, tren 225, winstrol 700
W16 enanthate 500, tren 225, winstrol 700
W17 tren 225, winstrol 700
W18 nolva 20mg, primo 100
W19 nolva 20mg
W20 nolva 20mg
W21 nolva 20mg
W22 clomid 50mg
W23 clomid 50mg

Please note I will be taking 1.25mg femara EOD on week 1-6, and week 12-17. Also I have extra nolvas in case needed.

The idea behind these cycles is a 6 weeker followed by PCT with a small primo bridge and another 6 weeker. Roughly 4000 cal the whole way through, @ 400 grams carbs, 400 grams proteins, and 90 grams fats.

I plan to put on lean mass until week 23. After that I will go into pre-contest (crash) dieting to lean down.

What do you guys think? I’d appreciate input!

Not sure what to say here Dude. But 3 things caught my attention:

First, 400g of carbs won’t help you gain “lean mass” during this cycle. Besides the calories from those carbs, you will retain some water from them too. Each gram of carbs holds 3 molecules of water. You might smooth out a bit.

Second, if the carbs don’t retain enough water for you, all that Test will. I would bring down the Test and up the Tren instead.

Third. Why are you mixing 2 different Tests for each 6 weeker? I would stay on just Sustanon for 6 weeks, take your 2 week break, then jump on just Enanthate for the next 6 weeks. Also, 6 weeks seems kind of short for using these Tests with such long esters.

All in all, the cycle doesn’t look to bad. This is your summer cycle? Looks more like a winter bulker to me LOL. Good luck Bro.

Wow, 23 weeks of hard training, good luck! Mass already brought up some good points, the only thing I caught right away was your fat intake. Running that much gear I would want more fat, even if it is a summer cycle. Or, if you don’t want the extra calories, replace some of your carbs with fat. Just my 2cents