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The News this Morning

Two things that I found very entertaining on the new this morning:

  1. Jason Sehorn of the NY Giants is protesting the NFL ban on Ephedra. He has a good argument that it is more costing getting busted for Ephedra a legal supplement then it is to go a cocaine binge. Collins from the Giants disagreed saying Ephedra is a major performance enhancer, but Collins has had his share of drug and alcohol problems.

2. ?I am suing McDonalds because my 15 year old son has reach 400 Lbs., I never new that a Big Mac, Large Fries and Large Milk Shake was not healthy? which he ate every day. Who agrees with me that these people should be kicked off our planet? Their stupidity is a waste of our valuable oxygen. I was actually sick to my stomach watching this slob, his very heavy mother, and jackass lawyer cry about Ronald being so evil!

Can I sue Biotest for my nervous breakdown I had when I found out I did not win the Methoxy Test!!!

Good post. I dont understand wass up with these judges favoring fat fast food eating and cigrette smoking people. If they didnt know than they deserve to die.

What I gotta wonder is why is it suddenly such an emergeny to them. They didn’t see the warning signs? Come on, didn’t the flag get raised at 200, 250 or 300 lbs? Maybe a good idea would have been to change things along the way.

Maybe ephedra is a performance enhancer, but Sehorn still has a good point. Guys that use coke and other addicting drugs will battle them their entire lives. Most guys probably won’t get addicted to ephedra, and only use it because they play sports. Once their careers are over, chances are they will stop taking it. I think the real problem is the league has a very bad understanding of these drugs/supplements.

As far as the McD's thing, I am just gonna say the only thing worse than someone suing over that, is the fact that this country allows someone to sue over that. What a joke!

the average american is fat lazy ignorant and a pussy

I’ve always figured Sehorn as a primadonna… but he’s 100% correct here. If you saw more of what he said, he went on about how the NFL will give them handfuls of pain killers, and inject 'em with Cortizone so they can go out there and play, but they get banned for takign ephedra, which is in SO many over the counter medications.

Ohh, and one reason the judges rule in favor of alot of these cigarette smoking, drinking, fast food eating slobs is because the judges themselves are smoking, drinking, fast food eating slobs.

and i hate all the people who are suing the tabaco companies because the damn label says it all. People are just after money in this damn world and they will use any power to get it. I agree that the tabaco companies new they were selling a bad product but no one forced people to smoke. it’s crazy just like the the obese people suing mcdonalds. laters pk