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The Newbie Curse


I just finished a workout and was thinking about how many people would have thought I was stupid for what I was doing. But then they don’t know me! I do!

That got me thinking to the newbie curse. the constant questioning and curisoity. And although their intentions are good, it just gets repetitive and REALLY annoying.

And I know why they do it. They don’t want to waste any gym time. they want to know what will work the best for them so they don’t have to ifgure it out. They want to know how fast there body will grow by asking people and how much they should do, which reps are best etc.
They don’t want to waste weeks/months of figuring out when they could be growing

UNfortunately they ONLY way theycan do this is to keep a CONSITENT journal of what they did and their results. The articles here should give your ideas and inspiration but only you know will know what works best for you. And the only way you know that is by testing what works for you and doesn’t.

You may here people Bash a certain style of training and thus you never try it. It may not be the best for you but I’m sure the variation will still give you growth. And if you don’t, who knows, you may have discarded the program/theory that works best for you, becuase someone else said it didn’t work for them.

(though some things are just plane irrational, see Thibs pump down the voluem article for programs which aren’t rational)

Sorry if I rambled a bit but I just htought it needed to be said

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wtf are you talking about?

I want some of what you are taking.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
wtf are you talking about?[/quote]

I think in my post-workout haze I was basically saying, Newbies stop trying to ask what works best for you and go find out what works best for you!

Wow, that seems clearer. Maybe weight training does make you dumb! lol

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