The new workout plan to getting wider and thicker

I’ve started gym weightlifting about 1 year ago, with a workout 3 times a week routine. I’ve gained 7kg’s of muscles. Now my BF it’s 8% (measured by a professional).

I saw some gym people to have built a very thicker phisique than me: their shoulders, chest and back are really thick and wide.
So I thought: Do I have the requirements to do it?
I do not like a very low BF phisique, but something around 12 to 15% with a high BMI it’s what I really love.

Those are my goals:

  • Shoulders (Get wider. Do I have a good clavicle to build brouder shoulders? Something like this Schermata-del-2024-03-22-19-16-43 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB )
  • Back (Get wider below the shoulders, also get thicker from profile)
  • Chest (Get bigger chest)
  • Neck (Get wider neck, and get thicker neck from profile where it connect to my head)
  • Abs (Expecially the adonis belt, lower part)
  • Legs (Get bigger)
  • BMI (Go from 21.5 to 24/25)
  • BF (Go from 7% to 15%)
  • Strenght (Build real strenght while getting bigger, is that possible?)
  • Refine the workout plan tailored for my goals.

My current workout, which is usually 1h to 1h 30m:
Day1 Legs - Abs - Neck
Day2 Back - Shoulders - Biceps
Day3 Chest - Triceps - Abs

In Detail:
Day1 Leg Curl + Leg Ext + Abductor + Plank + Crunch Machine + Dragon Fly + Neck Curl Lateral + Frontal

Day2 Shoulder Press + Lateral Raises + Shoulder Pet Back + Reversefly + Pulldown + Lat Machine + Pulley + Biceps and Forearm Curls

Day3 Chest Press + Cables + Pectoral Machine + Push Down + Crunch Machine + Crunch + Lower abs

My current phisique:

My current measurements:
neck 37
shoulders 108
chest 89
forearm 25
biceps 28
wrist 16
waist 71
hips 86
leg 48
calf 31

Is there a reason that the majority of your training is machines, with limited to no barbell work?

No, really.
I just feel cable machine to be easier, smoother, balanced experience.

Often, in the realm of physical transformation, the easy way is not very effective


I love machines, Nautilus preferably. They are a good tool. But T3 is helping you out. All of our frames are different, and you look naturally plum straight between you hips and arm pits. T3 is giving you advice, start using the barbell, dips, pull over, weighted chins. I am not going to give you a program or tell you what workout you should do. You can research that. Good luck to you!

The good news is that the goals of getting Bigger, Stronger and a little Fatter all go together perfectly!


How many threads are you going to start asking the same things?

Which would be the best workout rotation and plan?

For your specific goals, consider these


Thanks you! THe first one seems to be what I would like to achieve, “strenght”!. But it’s on 4 days right? Would it be possible to do a schedule for 3 days?

The second one seems to be more focused towards aestethics?

If so, which one does fir better to my body, given the images I’ve posted?

Your topic title talks about getting wider and thicker. You’re currently now talking about pursuing strength.

Which, of those 2, is your goal? Both of those programs I posted were about getting wider and thicker.

I saw the first pic. It looks far from 8% body fat.

You need a foundation to get thicker and wider (and thicker is the most important.) My suggestion is concentrate on powerlifting for about two years. Enter at least three powerlifting meets if you can. Those lifts will build the major muscle groups.

You will get stronger. And then you can put that strength to work to get thicker. “Easier” should be dropped from your vocabulary. The only thing that should be “easier” is falling to sleep.

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I’ve professionally tested with a professional and a professional intrument.

It’s okay! Is that possible to also building strenght?
How would you connect the different muscle groups over the 3 days?
Which muscles “Day1”, and then “Day2” and “Day3”?

Lifting weights, in general, makes people bigger and stronger.

I would just follow the programs as written

Did he (or she) scratch their head when they got 8%? Did they retest to check that it wasn’t a fluke reading?

Just let it be said that a percent body fat “number” means absolutely nothing, especially if it doesn’t translate to what you see in the mirror.

On this forum, most would say that you saying that you don’t like the look of a well defined physique. For most it is difficult to maintain 8% body fat for extended periods of time. And some cannot achieve that low of a body fat at all.

What BF do I look like?

Me too, but I cannot, I have to train in 3 days, and not 4, unfortunataely.

I was thinking about doing
Day1: Chest - Biceps - Neck
Day2: Back - Triceps - Abs
Day3: Shoulders - Legs - Abs


Day1: Back - Biceps - Neck
Day2: Chest - Triceps - Abs
Day3: Shoulders - Legs - Abs

That second program I posted is a 3 day a week program. I gave you a 4 day approach and a 3 day approach.

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Please allow to speak solely from experience.

I don’t know what your % body fat looks like. But it is only a number. I had competed in bodybuilding over three decades. I tried to get my % body fat as low as I could get it. I have no idea the specific number, only the “ball park.” The judges don’t know my % body fat, and wouldn’t care if they did know. It’s all about how good I looked compared to the competition.

When John Parrillo came onto the bodybuilding scene, he offered a skin fold test for calculating % body fat. You ask: How precise is the skin fold test? I don’t know, and I don’t care. All that is important is its expense and its repeatability. My wife became very proficient doing the skin fold test. She knew to test the exact same locations and got the same results three times before recording them. All that I used that % body fat calipers was to see if I was measuring fewer mm of skin fold. Close to the contest I began monitoring mostly my upper back, as it was the location with the greatest mm that the calipers measured.

I will say that I competed with a skin fold calculated % body fat in the mid 5%s. Was I at between 5 and 6% on contest day? I don’t know. All that mattered was what the judges saw.

So, yes, I did use mm of skin fold to determine if I was making progress week to week. Whether I was making progress or not was all that mattered. I used the feedback system to determine to drop more carbohydrates, or not. I balanced the scale and % body fat test with a strength metric. If I am losing strength along with pounds and % body fat, I would adjust the carbohydrates up a little. I wanted to slowly lose measured weight and % body fat, while maintaining as much strength as possible. Because I had competed in close 90, or so, contests I knew my body’s reaction very well.

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