The New Way To Cheat (Meals)

It seems due to the large insulogenic respsonse of a good cheat meal, if one must cheat why not do it after a huge workout??

For instance,

My cheat meal yesterday consisted of a double bacon cheeseburger, onionrings/fries, and a vanilla shake from Coldstone Creamery.

Now look at all that protein and carbs, albeit the fat as well.

But we all know, Carbs plus fats provide the highest insulin response…even higher than carbs alone.

So if one must cheat (and yes I must) doesn’t it make sense to do it after a killer workout??? (seems like it might actually do some good.)

Instead of what I did was eat all of that and then hit the sack…

Anyone else think about this?

Actually, carbs + fat produces less of an insulin response as it slows digestion.

Yes, Berardi wrote an article on it, called ‘Damage Control’.

you call that a cheat meal??? that sounds like a snack to me!

but i do agree with you, makes sense to do it after a bad ass workout.

You’re wrong about the insulin response, but right about cheating after a workout.

On the other hand, there’s another way to look at it. Your best gains come from that PW meal as well. So if you fuck it up, you’re limiting your gains more than you would with any other meal. See what I’m saying?

I’d say that if you’re trying to cut, then cheat after your workout. If you’re trying to gain muscle but don’t really care as much about how much fat you put on, then pick another meal to cheat with.