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A lof of you have noticed that Biotest's Testosterone Booster TRIBEX--"The original blue pill" looks different than it used to.

Here's why:

For years, we've had trouble getting the TRIBEX ingredients to work inside a hard-shell gelatin capsule.

Given enough time, the ingredients melt the gelatin and eat through the capsule. This is due to the extreme extraction of the active components from the herbs we use.

These herbs are so refined, they're actually in a near-liquid state and any friction or pressure will cause them to liquefy.

So, if we continued to use gelatin capsules for TRIBEX, we wouldn't have been able to increase the potency of our herbs as we'd continually have melting problems.

Additionally, we determined that the nanodispersion technology didn't add much, if any benefit--at least as far as TRIBEX was concerned.

Therefore, we decided to switch to a manufacturing technology that perfectly suits the nature and functionality of the product.

In short, we switched to a rapid-release tablet.

This tablet technology is just as precise (in dosing) as liquid-filled capsules; it seals in the active components, thus preserving the potency long-term; and it allowed us to increase the potency and overall load per unit dosing.

And that's why we made the change to TRIBEX.


Tribex: Will it be put out here at T-Nation for purchase?

Reason for asking, I am aware that Alpha Male would be the premium choice, but this seems like a logical question as there is also RED KAT available at the T-Nation store.

Just curious.


When is it in the online store? I don't see it yet. Thanks.


Thanks for the update, TC. Does that mean that you'll also be doing the same thing with Alpha Male eventually?


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How does the new formula stack up to Alpha Male? The two look pretty similar in ingredients and price. I would also like to see it in the T-Nation store.


I also noticed the similarity in ingredients; however, the dosage is very different.


Yea, The Alpha Male has alot more PER SERVING than the TRIBEX does, however, a serving of the new TRIBEX is only 2 caps versus 3 for Alpha Male...

I would imagine its only a matter of time before they convert Alpha Male into this technology.


My wish is the new TRIBEX was exactly like the original TRIBEX 500 with tribulus terrestis, avena sativa, ipriflavone, and saw palmetto. That formula kicked ass. I have never felt anything like that before from any supplement or experienced such awesome results. The only exception may be Biotest Androsol. I truly believe that the Biotest people still make the original TRIBEX formula but hoard it for themselves. Everytime they have attempted to improve TRIBEX, it seems to do less and less for me.


The 136 gel caps in a lighter blue shade are the new ones right?


No, new formula is 72 capsules, which I saw at GNC today.


DPS says new formula and shows 74 tab. Is
this what i'm looking for?


Yep, that's the new stuff


BUMP for TC...

I'd also like to know if Alpha Male is going to be changed to a rapid-release tablet? I really like the new TRIBEX, but I assume it's not as potent as Alpha Male?

Any plans to change any other Biotest supps to a rapid-release tablet?


Alpha Male Formula 1500 mg
Biotest Nano-Dispersed?gel extracts (pharmaceutical-grade Tribulus terrestris, Vitex agnus castus, Eurycoma longifolia), lauroyl macrogol-32 glycerides

TRIBEX Formula 840 mg
Biotest Super-Concentrated Extracts: Tribulus terrestris, Vitex agnus castus, Eurycoma longifolia


I believe you can get this supp at Biotest.net


To TC, mate just wondering how to best optimise the results of the new TRIBEX. Is it best to take two capsules before bedtime so testosterone levels are heightened during the night when the growth and repair is occuring?? and the other two 6-8 hours earlier which is before training for me most of the time?/

Or two in the morning and other 2 6-8 hours after so testosterone is hieghtened during the day??

Also does it matter if you take them with food??


I take 2 in the morning, then 2 8 hours later.

I would NOT recommend you take it before bed. Eurycoma, an ingredient in TRIBEX, is notorious for causing some insomnia. I experimented and found that out as well. Best to take at least 6 hours before bedtime at the latest.

TRIBEX has a slightly higher absobtion rate when taken with food.


One of the mods said alpha will be released in the new rapid release form.

Not sure about the potency compared to alpha. Again, the dosage isnt as high. But then again, the whole rapid release thing is supposed to allow for a more pure blend of potent herbs. I would venture a guess and say Alpha is probably better, but if you look around, you might be able to get TRIBEX at a really good price. I got mine for 25 bucks at GNC. So the tradeoff is worth it if money is an issue